Beach baby!


When John has his days off no matter what the weather we endeavour to spend it outside, so it's even better when the sun is out. We are really excited for summer this year as last year Mr A was only crawling and now he is running around everywhere and into everything...I cant believe how the time flies. We decided to take a drive to Ogmore-on-Sea, a beautiful long beach in the Vale of Glamorgan. The great thing about John having a week day off is that we avoid the packed crowds that ascend on the weekend. Mr A loved the beach and collecting shells and driftwood, as well as the sheep that run wild on the dunes. Near the beach is the ruins of Ogmore Castle, which you can explore freely and is great for kids to run around in. There are also stepping stones across the river which takes you to some countryside walks. I still cannot get over how pale I look, as if my skins hasn't seen in a year...I just hope the good weather follows through to the rest of summer. 

Father and son on beach

Mr A loves flying


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    1. Cute pictures,very nice family.I want to suggest that your baby must needs some baby products and for babies safety you should buy which are hygienic and healthful for your baby.

  2. Wow...that place sounds and looks amazing...right out of a fairytale! There are so many places I prefer on weekdays. Weekends are just too crazy and frantic with so many people in one place!

  3. Love that path! We hit the beach recently, too, but when it's chilly, I have trouble keeping P. out of the water. She's like an icicle wanting to return to her native habitat. Drives me nuts!

  4. I can't tell you how jealous I am. We have snow here in Newfoundland...


  5. love the pic with the stepping stones. looks like a beautiful way to spend the day

  6. I love your pics! Your family is just so adorable and uber cool! Thanks for sharing your blog today!!


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