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I had such big plans for Easter and then Mr A was ill the week running up to it and everything had to take a back seat and I didn't get to make all the crafty lovely things I had planned but we still had an amazing day. First of all I don't think giving an 18month old loads of chocolate is a good idea, in fact Mr A has up until this point had very very little chocolate (I can count on one hand) and on the occasions he has had a taste, it's simply been a taste. But saying that I still wanted him to have a easter egg hunt, so I have been keeping the eggs I have used for omelettes over the past week and stuck them back together with craft clue and tissue paper and painted them - this way he could still go into the garden and collect them. I also put Johns eggs out in the garden so Mr A could pick up these and he was of course allowed a small Lindt bunny which totally blew his mind.

Easter Crafts

After the Easter Egg hunt we had some of my homemade healthy Spelt Apricot and Banana muffins which are very low in added sugar but naturally sweet from the fruit and very very yummy.

We also decided this year that less is definitely more so I only got John three small cream eggs and one large egg and I was soooo happy when I saw mine was a Marc De Champagne Egg - I love Champagne truffles soo much!


Mr A made so much mess with his little egg and it really was a real treat for him we just let him go for it, although it did end up with him having a mid-morning bath :)


  1. Hope you had a blessed Easter, Laura! Arthur is one cute little guy! I'm sure he melts hearts ;)

  2. Well it looks like Arthur had a great Easter! Glad he is feeling better too!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  3. It seems like a good time was had by all. Chocolates, muffins, egg hunts, what more can a lovely child do at Easter. lovely pics as well. Nice Easter post.


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