Pontcanna Lovin


There is always that one place in the city you really wish you lived in and for John and I, that place is Pontcanna in Cardiff, fulled of little cafes, delis and boutique shops it's the place we are aiming to live. So when ever the sun is out that is where we try to go as there is a beautiful park to walk in simply stunning old houses...ahh dreams. We decided to try a different place to eat - Diner 77, not the most popular of the cafes simply because it's stuck between the ever so popular Cafe Brava and Cilo's, but either way the food is good, I love their sweetcorn salsa and they have a lot of veggie options and the proporations are huge (good value for money in that part of town) and the staff are very friendly even though they may not be as young and hip like the other places. After food we dodged rain and spent about 10 min under a church archway as there was a sudden down pour - although this was rather fun and romantic (well I thought so anyway). Our next stop after that was Cafe Creme which had the biggest slice of carrot cake I have ever seen, thank god we where sharing because it was huge!!! And yummy :)

Mmmm tomato salsa

I have a new love for sweetcorn salsa
She lives on at Diner 77

John under the church archway

Arthur and I in Pontcanna Park   

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