Notebook photoshoot love


So I came across this photoshoot in a magazine the other day and simply loved the deep reds, rings and jackets. The one thing I love about the changing seasons is it will soon be time for Mac's and coats (although I would prefer for it to be summer all year round). For some reason this photoshoot reminds me of Paris, I am not sure why.

I heart this whole outfit, especially the Miu Miu dress and  the ankle socks

I really want this Cerruti sweater and Stella McCartney shoes!!


  1. The last two photos remind me of some rock star or something. Maybe Chrissie Hynde alla early 80s?

  2. i could see them in paris :)

  3. wow! awesome photography! good work :)

  4. Oh man, I love that fuzzy coat.

    Love your blog, too. I'm subscribing. :-D

  5. Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts.


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