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Rings Rings such beautiful things

I am really into rings at the moment, I never used to be at all, in fact until fairly recently I hardly ever worn them. I love vintage jewellery, unusual pieces, thrift store finds and here are a couple of my personal favourites....most of which have been given to me or found, which makes them that little bit more interesting.

I always think sometimes the most subtle accessory can be what makes you individual. I want to have a huge array of rings and bracelets and necklaces from which to choose. Here are a few rings that caught my eye - and I want them!
A Thomas Sabo ring which I found on a pretty cool website called Fabulous Collection which sells jewellery and has it's own blog.

These fine pieces can all be found at my fave online boutique jewellery store, which I wish I could shop at on a monthly basis if my empty wallet allowed. Kabiri is a great marketplace for up and coming jewellery designers to showcase and sell there items. A lot of their pieces are one-off making them really special.


  1. I especially love that first ring with the flower - it's so pretty!

  2. i'm also quite into rings now, unique looking ones. Love the snake and peace ones!

  3. Such beautiful rings, and you have such a lovely collection!

  4. I adore rings as well, I have a collection and it keeps growing I dare say!
    The Thomas Sabo ring has my name plastered all over it, how lovely is that?
    I hope you have a lovely weekend Laura and keep collecting rings so I will not be indulging in them by myself! :-)

  5. i'm such a ring person, love all these!! x

  6. i LOVE rings so much....I loved the little pile picture

  7. The flower ring is pretty cool. They've popular here in the States right now. I keep looking for the perfect one!

  8. that is quite a selection you have there, i love old pieces too. seems to make them more special if they have some kind of history to them

  9. You have a really lovely collection- they're all beautiful. I do love rings but I guess I develop habits and kind of jewellery I put on goes in phases.

    Florrie x

  10. found you via 20sb! i love rings as well. that snake ring is to die for.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  11. i looovvveee rings!!! can't have enough and i also like to collect them so i can have a ring for every mood, outfit or day!


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