Paints, Laura Ashley and I blame Coco


 Laura Ashley Paint
Wearing a Laura Ashley top to match my new paint heehee

So finally i'm getting round to decorating the back room in the house *yey*. I am not the quickest person when it comes to deciding colours and curtains and what not - only because I am fussy and I fear the idea of being boring, knowing that there is a world of choices out there. Anyway to my delight Laura Ashley in Cardiff was having a sale, and I simply love love love there household stuff, so I was more than delighted to have picked up some blue gingham curtains and Bluebell paint. Bluebell is not a very good description of the paint colour, infact it sounds alittle sickly sweet, which it is not, it's a sort of pale but warm powder blue, but I did nearly buy some paint simply based on the names - Pale Parisian Blue or Duck Egg. Also I learnt something new, as I didn't realise that Laura Ashley was born in Wales (even though I live in Wales, I was born in South Africa so I have an excuse for not knowing), her designs remind me of quintessential floral British countryside’s and would be a label Charlotte from Sex in the City would wear. Her polka dot patterns and beautiful wallpaper have made her a firm favourite in classic British fashion. I came across this photoshoot from the 90's and I just love those maxi dresses.

So every now and then someone catches my eye, style wise and this week is Coco Sumner from I blame Coco (she also happens to be Stings daughter) and although I am not a huge fan of her music I do like her casual "I just got out of bed" look. At the tender age of 19 she has a great sense of style and I like her attitude towards the industry as she appears to not really care too much about what people say. She makes plan t-shirts look like the new must have and is in my mind a Vice Magazine poster girl for the current youth.


  1. happy painting, lady! hope it turns out lovely as the name :)

  2. if i were sting's daughter i wouldn't care what people thought of me either.

    you look cool.

  3. I really like Laura Ashley, I used to wear nothing but - she's still one of my favourites! Great top!

  4. those paint names can be confusing:) I've recently learned there are people doing just that - coming up with names for the new paint colors... how about that:)

  5. I like Laura Ashley coats. It spells elegance and class.

  6. Ilove I blame coco me gusta mucho su estilo y su musica totalmente unica.>~<


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