Chloe Winter-Fall Preview, Photos and Share the love


Here are some sneak preview pictures of the upcoming Chloe Fall-Winter 2010 collection and advertising campaign. I am loving the retro 1970's feel. Looks like the high-waisted trousers are making another appearance in the coming season, as well as soft touches of denim and leather....hmmm excited to see the rest.



So I have just got some film back from the labs, there is always something exciting about getting negatives back and seeing if there is anything good, I find that the whole process is lost with digital. These are shot on one of my favourite "toy" plastic camera's - a Vivitar slim and wide. It cost me a whole £5 to buy but I love the slightly warped effect it gives images. So here is my "Part 1 summer fun in Cardiff".

Film photography

Millenium Centre

Cardiff Bay

Keeping on the local beat, my day was brightened up by going to have tea and coffee at a rather overlooked quirky gift shop/tea room WonderStuff, in Treorchy, which never fails to please. A combination of cosy surroundings and daily fresh baked cakes served on vintage soda bar inspired plates makes my eyes smile. I have also become a fan huge of Yelp, which is a great "find it and share it" user-generated site. Basically you the reader write reviews about places in your city, I always find "real reviews" of restaurants, bars and shops are much better and far more unbiased than press released ones. Anyway, I was quite excited to share my thoughts on the WonderStuff coffeeshop on Yelp - I love to share my experiences with others who live near me. 


  1. I love your pictures!! The warped aspect is very cool!

  2. The Chloe ads are great - the trousers are so chic! I'm just so not ready for fall though :(
    Great shots too!

  3. Your photos are simply amazing. The nod to the seventies puts me in mind of my siblings who use to wear all those trendy outfits of the era.
    I love the clothing you have featured here, so classic with clean lines.
    Have a lovely upcoming weekend Laura, cheers!

  4. This blog is a true artistic beauty. Thank you for your heartfelt Lady Blogger compassion. Please note I am following you and at the request of others I have opted to continue updating on my journey. Hope to see you there, friend. I will be checking back for your beautiful artistic mind.
    Amanda (Hollywood Chic)

  5. The Chloe camel coat & the bag. A must. Love the entire collection as always :) I'm a big fan of Chloe since like forever

  6. That hot chocolate looks AMAZING! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm following yours too!

  7. Camel coloured garments are always chic.
    Let's share hot chocolate sometime....
    Happy weekend, dear!


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