4 timeless unisex accessories for every wardrobe


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No matter your age, gender, or lifestyle, these four timeless unisex accessories are the classic go-to for any wardrobe collection. The reason they are worth the investment is that they are both functional and stylish and can be worn with outfits for any occasion.

Discover how these non-binary accessories break the norm by transcending trends, and why they should be the core of your collection.

A watch

A classic high-quality watch is an ultimate accessory,  it’s as eye-catching as a piece of jewellery but much more useful, backed by a big brand name to boot.

Many of the leading watchmakers keep their designs deliberately unisex. For example, TUDOR watches come in a choice of styles, colours, and straps, with size being the only notable difference between the men’s and ladies’ ranges.

Watch features include much more than just a clock these days, too. You can find water-resistant faces and sweat-resistant straps, ideal for the active and adventurous, and a range of smart technology including heart rate monitors, personalised Apps, and calls and texts straight from your phone.

luxury watch

Stud earrings

From Princess Diana to 50 Cent, studs have blurred the boundary between gendered dressing for decades – proving that they’re not just a girl’s best friend.

This deceptively simple accessory is a status symbol, instantly elevating any look to the next level of luxury. They’re exceptionally hardwearing as well as beautiful, and when well-kept will last for a lifetime.

Diamond studs are some of the best minimalist earrings on the market, but with the right carat and cut they won’t fail to pull focus. For maximum sparkle, choose a well-set round brilliant cut.

tote bag

The tote bag

Ah, the tote bag. Universally useful, this spacious portable storage option is the perfect accessory for any daytime outing, whether you are strolling the shops, going on a day trip, or heading for a post-workout lunch with friends.

They’re also available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, and textures so you can exact-match them to your personal taste. The top designer tote bags for 2023 demonstrate this diversity: go classy with brushed leather or quilting or rock a contemporary finish such as metallic or mesh.


Last but certainly not least, what accessory collection is complete without a pair of designer sunglasses? Suitable for all seasons, sunglasses are extremely versatile and can achieve a number of effects depending on how you choose to wear them.

Add designer sunglasses to a stylish outfit for an immediate air of celebrity to help you stand out from the crowd. Use sunglasses during a sporting competition to keep you cool and confident. Take them with you on a hot weather holiday to shelter your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Classic sunglasses such as Aviators are in themselves gender-neutral, and major fashion houses like Burberry and DIOR make a point of celebrating non-binary designs.


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