5 steps to help improve your overall wellbeing


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We often dream of living a more fulfilling and positive lifestyle, but the pressures and responsibilities of daily life often mean balancing work, parenting and wellbeing is really hard. Many will relate to this problem. We also find there are fewer opportunities to treat ourselves as many indulgences, even small ones like going to the movies or grabbing a drink with friends, seems like a waste of money that could rather be spent on something 'useful'.

However, in this internal struggle, we can forget that our happiness and mental health are paramount. It is necessary to set aside time to look after your needs and you don't need to put a dent in your wallet to do that. There are small and easy steps you can take to improve your overall lifestyle that will help you feel happier and more fulfilled every single day. 

Here are some ideas 

Embrace the outdoors

Humans were not built to spend 24 hours a day indoors, moving their attention from one screen to another. We need to spend time outdoors, surrounded by nature. It is known that lack of sunlight and outdoor exposure can lead to medical problems such as Vitamin D deficiency. However, the innate need for being amid nature goes much deeper than this, and if you want to enhance your lifestyle, it is necessary to embrace the outdoors.

Spending too much time inside can impact one's mental health, therefore, try time outdoors every day, even if it's just 20mins. You can take up a sport or join your local rambling club. You can even plan activities with your friends and family, like picnics and hikes.

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Make small upgrades to your home on a minimal budget 

There are quick and easy home upgrades you can carry out on a tiny budget, such as freshening up a room with a lick of paint, decluttering a space, planting some flowers in your garden or outdoor space or a shower replacement to enhance your bathing experience. Think about small changes you can make to your home that will help you improve your daily life. 


Set a self-care budget

Saving money is important, especially in this dwindling economy. However, you cannot keep ignoring your own needs and it is essential to maintain some sort of balance. So setting a self-care budget can be really useful, even if it's just £5 a week to go to your local yoga class or social group. 

By paying attention to your needs can also help with stopping negative feelings and thoughts from taking root in your mind. Additionally, listening to your desires will prevent them from becoming unhealthy obsessions. Remember, moderation and balance are the key elements to self-care. By caring for yourself and your wants will help improve your overall life. 

Explore your interests

When life gets busy many of us give up on things that we love or struggle to find time for the things that bring us joy and this can have a negative effect on our well-being. If you want to enhance your lifestyle, it is necessary to step back and think about your interests and how you can make more time for them.

It may be a passing hobby, or it may be a suppressed passion. Either way, you owe it to yourself to explore and find out what gives you joy. It doesn't matter what stage you are at in life. What matters is where you want to go. It is never too late to change course and build a life and lifestyle that you love. However, to start, you must look within and find your interests and passions. 


Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness refers to the act of being mindful, present, and attentive. Mastering mindfulness is a surefire way to enhance your overall wellbeing. Those who practice mindfulness find they can stay in the present and have better control of their emotions and thoughts, which can also help. you to evade negativity and stress.

Everyone has had their share of bad experiences. From childhood trauma to toxic friendships, we all have inner demons that we battle daily. Mindfulness teaches a person how to navigate and fight through these battles and learn how to create a positive mindset.

While mindfulness is a psychological tool taught to patients in therapy, it is also widely popular among yoga practitioners. Most yoga instructors centralize their beginner-level classes on mindfulness and positive thinking. 

Enhancing your overall well-being is not a fixed-step process that can be fit into a guidebook. While the above tips will help create a better lifestyle, the changes they bring may not meet your needs. To improve your life, it is important to assess your needs and find out what you want. Once you have that figured out, start by making small, meaningful changes in your life, and over time, you will find yourself living the life you've always dreamed of.


  1. Yes to all of this and making time for yourself and improving your wellbeing - so important.
    Jessy x

  2. I love the idea of a self care budget - these are all such great tips. I also love to embrace the outdoors too.

  3. Such a helpful read! These 5 steps to improve overall well-being are just what I needed. Thank you for sharing these practical tips, I can't wait to incorporate them into my daily routine. Here's to a healthier and happier lifestyle! 💪💕 #WellBeingTips #HealthyLiving #SideStreetStyle

  4. For me getting outdoors and getting some movement in is the best way to combat stress and center me. I always look forward to connecting with nature and just taking in that time to be alone. Great post!

  5. The importance of mindfulness cannot be overstated. It's hard to enjoy your life if you're never in the moment.

  6. These are great tips! I always set aside an amount for self care. I think this is very important!

  7. it’s so important to look after yourself especially like you said we spend most of our time staring a screens, I really need to take myself for a walk in between working hours but always feel I’m too busy but I definitely need to get into a habit of walking more, thanks for posting! Wince x

  8. I am doing most of what you're suggesting and you're absolutely right, these are making the entire difference especially walking in the outdoors, it is great.

  9. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and insightful article on improving overall wellbeing. Your practical tips and suggestions are truly valuable in today's fast-paced world. I appreciate how you emphasize the importance of self-care and exploring one's interests to find joy and balance in life. The incorporation of mindfulness as a tool for positive thinking is a great addition. Your writing style is engaging and relatable, making it easy for readers to connect with the content. Keep up the fantastic work in inspiring others to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle!

  10. Exploring your interests is such a good tip! It took me far too long to add my own hobbies and interests into what I do during the week, especially when I had kids!


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