Five Features That Make Your Home Sing


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When you want to make your home stand out, whether for your own pride or because you’re trying to sell up there are lots of options. You can add features that are unusual or futuristic, or choose a timeless addition that adds to the value of your home.

Let’s consider five features that make your home sing and make visitors gasp in amazement.

Modern Fireplace and log burners

Fireplaces are still popular features in our homes and a fantastic array of modern and traditional designs are available. Despite most homes having central heating a fireplace still represents a focal point in a living space.

Standalone wood burners are also popular and can be enhanced by a purpose-built alcove to hold logs. Models that rotate allow the benefit of the warmth as well as the view of the fire to be enjoyed wherever you are in an open-plan room.

log burner

Impressive Front Door

Your front door is what visitors to your home will first encounter so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a feature that will impress.

An extra wide or double door at the entrance to your property will exude opulence and luxury. Sidelights that flood your entryway with natural light will add to the appeal. The new front door cost will depend not just on size but also on the style and material of the door.

front door

Clever Lighting

Putting thought into your lighting scheme will reward you with a feature that makes your home sing. Lighting is one of the crucial factors in creating the ambience that you want in your home.

Adding smart technology to your lighting can seriously up the wow factor of your property allowing you to control the lights from your phone or tablet. You can alter the look and aesthetic of your home simply by changing the lighting without needing to decorate.


Unconventional Radiators

Using unconventional radiators can set your home apart from the ordinary. There are a myriad of designs and styles available which will let you create something unique for your home. Glass effect radiators that resemble mirrors or vertical radiators that could be mistaken for paintings will certainly be talking points in your home. Other designs resemble sculptures or wall hangings or just really cool industrial-style radiators.


Amazing Outdoor Space

Your outdoor space has the same potential as the interior of your home to make a significant impression on visitors or potential buyers. Adapt your design to the size and location of your outside area, whether that’s a small city balcony or a large rural garden. Perhaps you have a small but uneven space and want to create area for entertaining and make the most of a tiny space and one of the options would be to level the area using a reputable concrete company

Create an oasis of calm with a stylish seating area, complete with a water feature for the ultimate tranquillity surrounded by beautiful plants and shrubbery. Add some ambient lighting and perhaps even a fire pit to warm chilly autumn evenings in the garden.


Whether it’s a modern fireplace, an impressive front door, clever lighting, unconventional radiators or an amazing outdoor space any one of these features will make your home sing and the envy of your neighbours.

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