How to turn your local park into the Olympic games this summer



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Who else has been loving watching the long-awaited Tokyo Olympic Games? Well, we have and it's been really exciting! The chances are that you might have been inspired by the incredible sporting efforts of the Great British athletes and have caught the sporting bug. Well, if that’s the case, then why not create an Olympic games of your own, so that you and your kids can be active this summer and get a piece of the action. If you don’t have much space at home, then you can still get involved, just pack up a bag with all the equipment that you’ll need, grab a picnic and head down to your local park!

The nursery chain Kiddi Caru, for example, are always encouraging children to get outside and get active, and since the Olympic torch is lit, there’s no better time to ignite the competitive fire inside your child and get them involved in some Olympic-inspired activities. So, get creative, and go and turn your local park into the Olympic games with these exciting activities!


On your marks, get set, go! You won’t need much equipment for this event, but you’ll definitely need your running shoes, and who knows you might even achieve a personal best! Your child and their friends can set up a starting and finishing line using some rope, and then all you’ll need is one of the adults to judge the race and tell everyone when to go. You can start by doing an individual race and then splitting the kids into teams to host a relay race! Of course, each team will need a baton to pass over to one another and you could use a plastic water bottle for this.

kids races


There’s plenty of space in the park, so it’s a great opportunity for your kids to test their arm strength and see how far they can throw. You could use a frisbee as a discus, just make sure to choose a spot that’s safe to throw, without the risk of hitting a poor passer- you can place a marker on the ground to record their efforts. At the end of everyone’s throws, there should be multiple markers on the ground and so you’ll be able to see who managed to throw the frisbee the furthest.

Tug of war

Of course, this one isn’t an official Olympic event now (although it was from 1900-1920), but it’s so much fun that it would be a shame not to incorporate it! This team game will require one piece of equipment — the rope of course. So, if you can source a long, sturdy rope, then you’re onto a winner. The aim of the game is simple, place a marker in the middle of the rope and the team that manages to get the rope to cross the marker are the winners!

tug of war

A few other ideas are a mini football match, a little tennis rally or heading to the skatepark for a skateboard race or best trick competition. 

Awards ceremony 

Now for the part that we’ve all been waiting for, the awards! You could bring some chocolates and sweets for the winners, as some added motivation to spur them on. However, you could let your child get in touch with their creative side and make some medals together prior to the event. Using some cardboard, ribbon and paints or glitter, you could make gold, silver and bronze medals. And to really emulate that Olympic spirit, you could even make your own Olympic torch to mark the occasion.


  1. This is brilliant and such a great idea to get the kiddies out and moving rather than inside stuck on iPads all day

  2. I love a tug of war! We did that during lockdown on the drive and was such fun. Some good ideas here to keep the kids active and feel inspired.

  3. We loved watching the Olympics too, we didn't want it to be over! Oh I love the idea of making your own torch, how clever!


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