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In the current climate, precautions are our first stop before travelling anywhere. As the world is slowly opening up again, we have to do all we can to stay safe and keep on top of our health, and even more so when we are away from home. There are a few simple things you should do before heading off on your travels, while it can't prevent all illnesses they can reduce the likelihood and that is essential right now. Of course, it goes without saying that you need to adhere to any entry requirements with regards to Covid and tests before travelling but here are 5 additional health checks you also should do.

1. Have a dental checkup

I have personal experience of having dental pain while travelling and it's not nice at all! A simple check-up could have prevented that from happening. Your bi-annual check can give you an overall look at your dental health and check for any loose fillings, or cavities that may become problematic and can fix any issues before you leave - saving you money and pain. 

2. Visit your optometrist

Everyone should have an eye check every 2yrs and if you're planning a long road trip or heading off backpacking now is the time to get it done. Your visit to the optometrist will give you an insight into the overall health of your eyes (not just if you need glasses or not). They can also spot early signs of conditions such as glaucoma and can also detect some other health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 

If you rely heavily on glasses or contact lenses and are heading off on long-term travel or some backpacking, then it may be worth making an appointment with your GP or eye specialise to discuss the possibility of laser eye surgery, which can make you less dependant on glasses and research has shown this surgery is both safe and effective. 

Your surgeon, after examining your eyes, will discuss different options as well as discuss any risks and it may also be dependent on budget as most laser eye surgery is not covered on the NHS but can be worth it in the longter. Websites such as Oodo Optical have some fantastic up to date information on all things to do with eye health. 

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3. Be up to date with any required Travel Vaccinations

If you're heading off to exotic or far-flung destinations then you need to research if there are any required vaccinations you may need - this needs to be done at least 6 weeks before you travel and without them, you may not be able to enter the country, especially places that require a yellow fever immunisation. Superdrug offers Health Clinics that specialise in travel immunisations so do remember to make an appointment early on to ensure you receive everything you need.  

4. Pack yourself a first aid kit

Having a basic first aid kit can be extremely handy and I would say essential if you're travelling with young children or have pre-existing conditions that require medication. I would recommend having at least some plasters on hand, antiseptic cream, pain killers, antidiarrheal treatment and antihistamines at a minimum.

5. Don't leave home without Travel Insurance

While you don't require travel insurance for health emergencies for staycations in the UK, thanks to having the wonderful NHS, it can help with cancellations but for any overseas travel, insurance is essential. While travel insurance is a little bit more expensive right now due to the pandemic, you really cannot afford to leave home without it, especially if you should fall ill overseas or get stranded due to cancellations. Forbes has recently put together a list of the best travel insurance companies to use during 2021. 

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  1. absolutely right admin, most of the people forget this thing only before travelling.

    Nice blog very helpful for travel lovers.

  2. Travel insurance is a must, I haven't travelled in a long time but always make sure that we have a policy in place.

  3. Travel insurance is so important, although it's not something we've needed in a while. I need to look at getting some new insurance in the new year x

  4. Some great tips here, we are hoping to start travelling next year come Summer so these tips will come in handy then

  5. I would actually go as far as to say that you should visit your optometrist annually. Sight is important, especially when traveling because environmental factors are different and can affect eyesight.

  6. Thanks for heading these up. It is really important to check our health before go on a trip and this blog is so helpful;. Thanks for the share!

  7. Travel insurance is definitely an essential nowadays with how unpredictable the airways are. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  8. Absolutely the best and on point travel must haves

  9. These are amazing tips!!! I am not traveling this year but hopefully next year this time I'll be in Italy.

  10. It would be great if everyone took the proper precautions before travelling.


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