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All of our lives have been brought to a halt over the past 18 months and nearly all of us have had to make changes in our lives especially when it has come to seeing friends, family and making new connections. Grandparents have had to get to grips with technology such as Facetime, Zoom and Whatsapp to stay in touch with their loved ones and for many, our work and social time have switched from in-person interactions to online video dates.

But this sudden switch in how we interact with others doesn't mean we cannot meet new people and develop new relationships or strengthen existing ones and on the plus side, the UK is currently opening back up, meaning we can now meet others for socially distanced walks or a drink in a beer garden. Of course, if anything is to go by from whats happened over the past 18 months, we cannot be sure it will stay this way as we could face another wave of infections in the future and therefore possible restrictions again but for now, things are certainly looking up. 

For those on the dating scene, things have become a bit more logistically trickier over the past year but not impossible with video dating becoming commonplace with those of all ages and one of the big pluses to online dating is that you can widen your area a little so someone in Cumbria dating could video call with a person in a different part of the UK with ease. 

 I thought I would put together a few fun ideas on socialising, no matter your age, young or old, during this rather crazy time.

1. Virtual Games night

If you are still not comfortable with meeting up in person or there are restrictions in your area than a fun games night with friends or a new flame can be great fun, just make sure you are all on the same page and agree on the game before playing. Trivia and quizzes can offer up a little more intellectual chat and with hundreds of different topics, there is sure to be one to fit your group.


2. Go cycling or hiking

Meeting up outdoors is still safer than indoors and we are lucky in the UK to have a lot of countryside to explore as well as an excellent cycling network. Whether you're hanging out with old friends or meeting someone new, exploring the local area on two wheels can be a lot of fun, or why not hike up your local mountain to take in the view? Both are easy to do socially distanced or in quiet areas.

3. Have a picnic

What is not to love about a picnic? You get to enjoy the fresh air, eat good food, spend it in nice company and it can be adapted to fit the group of people you are with so you can make it family-friendly, a few drinks with mates or a romantic al fresco meal with your date. If you're looking for a few simple foodie ideas to impress on a picnic check out this post

4. Explore your local city

Why not be a tourist in your own town or nearest city? You can explore an area you don't know very well or search out some hidden gems, maybe stopping off at some open air markets, spotting street art or street food along the way? My nearest city is Cardiff and even though I spend at least once a week there I am still discovering new places and it's always nice to do that with someone else than on my own. 

street food

If you are back on the dating scene then video calling for a first date can be a good way to test the waters as well as get to know someone in a relaxed way from the comfort of your own home. There are different apps and websites to use and if your slightly more mature then check out this Cumbria dating site. We are all at different stages of adjusting to life at the moment, some of us may. feel ready to go for a pint in a beer garden while others would prefer to stick to zoom meetings, the main thing is to go at your own pace but do make sure you are keeping in contact with others as socialising whether in person or online is really important for our mental health.


  1. I think the fact that people can meet virtually these days is great - at least you can get to see and speak to someone before actually going ahead to meet in person.

  2. These are great ideas! I love the game night ideas! Those are always fun!

  3. We have done a lot of walking / hiking over lockdown and it is a great way to meet up for a chat


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