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This is a paid post to help raise awareness of Noah's Ark Conservation project 

We all know the world has hit a crisis point, not just because of the pandemic but for a variety of reasons including climate change and plastic waste and it has without a doubt had a big impact on the environment and natural world.

We need to do what we can to conserve wildlife and nature for future generations but the time has come for some real action that's where Noah's Ark comes in. Noah's Ark is planning to build a state-of-the-art animal and ecological conservation park in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, covering 100 square kilometres making it the largest and most ambitious conservation project in history, with building planning to start in 2021.

conservation project

The project will feature a national park, worlds biggest aquarium, geodomes replicating environments such as Antarctica and the Amazon rain forest. The main aims of the project are to protect the animal species especially those on the endangered list and to create effective breeding programmes. The project also wants to create non-for-profit organisations to help increase awareness and reduce the negative impact we have on the animal kingdom as well as encourage future generations to get involved. The plan is also for an experiential leisure-based visitor park that helps to reconnect adults and children with nature.

If we ever needed something like this it's now, with the animal kingdom more vulnerable than ever due to as I said climate change but also over-development farming and big game hunting and poaching which is pushing more species to the brink of extinction. We must not forget that we need the natural world to stay in balance for our own survival.

This project is going to cost around £5 billion and needs as much help as possible to raise funds and there are three easy way to help.

1. Sign the petition here
2. Stream for free "It takes the world to make a Miracle" with all funds raised going to Noah's Ark
3. Donate to the cause through Go Fund Me
4. Purchase a product from Noah's Gift Shop

We need to do what we can to secure a happy and healthy future for our children, nature and wildlife who occupy this planet. This is a commitment we all need to make so projects like this are really important.


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  2. oh wow, never heard of this project before, this is amazing!!! I would for sure stand behind it.

  3. Never heard of this project before but it sure is an interesting one!

  4. This sounds like a great project. It’s good to know that we can do something to support it.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful project to get involved in. Definitely something we need to all get on board with and support!

  6. this is an intriguing ;project. thanks for bringing awareness

  7. This sounds like an amazing conservation project. And what a great way for the kids to learn

  8. This sounds like an incredible project! I hope they manage to get the funding they need to realise it.

  9. Wow this is amazing and I am loving this! I would love to visit this place myself once it is completed and I am heading over to sign the petition as this is so important and I appreciate your sharing this as everyone needs to live sustainably to help Mother Earth.

  10. I am loving this and love that they are working on this amazing conservation project. I am going to sign the petition and appreciate your sharing this as it is so very important.

  11. Noah's Arc sounds like a great conservation project! Loved their concept and good intention behind this project 😊

    Thanks for sharing,
    Everything Enchanting


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