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2020 has been an unexpected year, to say the least with everyone in the UK going through a longer than normal period at home during the lockdown and with Salons closed for weeks on end many of us had to take our haircare into our own hands and I should know, I shaved my unruly hair which had simply gone out of control. As we are still living through this pandemic, I am actually in a local lockdown in Wales, once again I am looking for ways to keep my hair looking good at home so I thought I would share some tips 

1. Wash your hair the right way

Did you know that you should be washing your hair at lukewarm temperature? As nice as a hot shower is it can strip your hair of essential oils and often leaves it looking drier and lifeless so turn the temperature down and be kind to your hair.

It's also really important to make sure you rise out all remaining product, I know sometimes we overlook these things especially when we are in a rush but the leftover product can cause buildup and oily roots. 

2. Avoiding Damage

Chemicals and heat are the harbingers of doom for thinning hair, as they cause drying and breakage that exacerbate existing hair woes. If colouring your hair is a way of life, consider natural dye alternatives, like henna, that won’t cause the same damage as bleach or other chemical concoctions. In terms of styling with heat (blow drying, curling, flat ironing, etc.), try to skip it as much as possible, or at least opt for protective products and high-end tools that reduce the potential for damage.

3. Give your hair a break from Ponytails

When I had long hair I often used to put it up in a ponytail as being a busy mum of two meant I'm limited for time to style my hair but in the longterm, this wasn't a great option. Despite being convenient, pulling hair up into a ponytail daily can cause stress and strain on your hair and scalp which can cause breakages so do have a break every now and then and wear it down. 

4. Rejuvenate Follicles

For many men and women, the appearance of thicker hair just isn’t enough, and thinning might eventually reach the point where no amount of salon processes or targeted products provide adequate improvement. The good news is, technology has supplied the advanced solutions necessary to meet demand, thanks to low-level light therapy (LLLT).

With a laser cap, you can safely and conveniently restore thinning hair. This product is portable, hands-free, and FDA-cleared to successfully and safely regrow hair on the scalp. For those who have passed the point where haircuts and thickening shampoos can help, or anyone who wants thicker hair for real, cutting-edge LLLT is a great option to explore.

5. Shorter Hair Styles for a fuller look

Sure, you wish you could hang on to your rock-star locks forever, but as we age, our hair naturally thins, leaving long tresses looking straggly and sparse. The quickest way to add the illusion of volume is by cutting off damaged ends, and indeed, considering significantly shorter ‘dos’, in some cases.

By losing several inches off longer locks, you reduce the weight that pulls hair down, highlighting thinning and flattening your hairdo. You’ll see more volume and bounce immediately when you chop to a shoulder or bob length, and when you eliminate split ends, your hair will look a lot healthier, as well.

For men or women unafraid of a pixie, cropping closer to the scalp is a great way to camouflage thinning hair. This might sound counterintuitive, but unless you have significant bald patches, this trick actually makes the hair you have look much thicker. Here are some more tips on Hair Care in winter.

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