The rise of the School Prom's in the UK


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School Proms used to be something you would see in American teen films but now they have become a regular occurrence here in the UK and it's got me thinking whether that's a good or a bad thing especially in terms of young peoples wellbeing and mental health. On one side it's a great way to celebrate your time at school and have a fun night out with your friends but on the flip side, there is also a lot of pressure for young people to look a certain way, spend a lot on outfits and keep up with everyone else.

When I was growing up, during my teen years, we had much more relaxed school discos or small dance parties at friends houses or local halls. There was a lot less pressure in terms of what you wore and I never even put any makeup on as it was a more casual affair all round. Of course, there was the typical peer pressure that comes with being a teen but in general, was a lot more low key than Prom's are today.

There are of course some real positives to School Proms and that's what should be the focus as we can support our children, boost their self-confidence and encourage them to make memories with their friends. You want their Prom night to be filled with laughter and smiles and not stress or have a negative effect on their wellbeing. I think as parents our role is to be there for our children as they grow older and face more formal socialising situations and usually at this point they have a close-knit circle of friends. What is a good idea to ease any nerves is to host a pre-prom meet and greet at your house, where all your child breast friends come with their Prom dates, have a few canapes and take photos before heading to the dance together, this also gives a good space for parents to be able to share the experience together as well as any worries they have.

You also don't have to spend a small fortune and I like to think I instil in my kids that life is not all about show. There is no need to hire a limo, hairdresser or expensive dresses when you can shop around. You can also call in favours if you know someone with a nice car or have a friend who is a dab hand with makeup then get them involved. There are some fantastic sites if you do your research for a Prom Dress Finder that will help you find the perfect dress without a huge price tag. This way children can feel good in what they are wearing without the extra pressure on parents.

The vintage look is also very popular right now so don't completely cancel out spending some time with your child visiting different vintage and secondhand stores as you never know what you could find. This is also a nice way to support your child and chat over coffee and lets them know you are there for them, because a Prom is more than just a dance, it's often a farewell to high school and moving forward in a new chapter of their lives.

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