13 ways to enrich your time at home


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For many over the coming weeks, life is going to look a little different, with many now working from home and along with lots of families having children at home full time. Whether you are a family, a couple of single living in your own space, I wanted to share a few things you can do to enrich your time at home and help break the monotony.

I work from home as it is so that part for me is not such a big adjustment but regardless it takes time to get into a routine but it's really important to break that up and make time for the things you enjoy, Perhaps in your day job you commute for an hour each day and that gives you time to catch up on news or read a book, so make sure you still have moments like that, that allows for some downtime.

When you’re at work, whether your self-employed or work for an employer, you should be taking care of your mental health, and employment law for employers shows them the ropes for this. At home, you’re in your own space and can be in charge of your own mental health there but it also opens you up the possibility of feeling isolated or not sticking to any kind of routine, which can occasionally be problematic so looking after yourself must be made a priority. 

Here are 10 ways to improve your wellbeing at home  

1. Enrich Your Mind

Whether it be reading, completing puzzle books, like crosswords and sudoku, or even learning a new language, the options are endless. With apps available for almost everything and many of them being free, you don’t even need to worry about lugging a huge book around with you. It couldn’t be simpler.

2. Make time for exercise

It’s no secret that exercise is super important, not just for your physical health, but your mental health too. There are lots of free youtube videos with everything from Yoga to leg workouts that can be done from the comfort of your own home. At the moment we are also allowed to go outside for short brisk walks (please adhere to social distancing) and some fresh air will do you a world of good. This is also a good one for kids and I highly recommend Cosmic Kids Yoga

3. Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Alongside reading and learning languages, our smartphones are the best place to find podcasts to listen to. These have become extremely popular in recent years, as they require little concentration, but provide laughs, scares, sadness, and everything else in between.

Podcasts or Audiobooks are also perfect for lunch breaks or in the evening when you are starting to wind down and relax.

4. Write a Gratitude List

One interesting idea, which many bloggers and YouTubers use daily, is a gratitude list. The idea behind this is that you list a few things that you’re grateful for every morning. It could be something as small as:

Your mum sending you a lovely message the night before.
Your kids giving you a big hug
Eating a delicious lunch

Whatever the list contains, this is a really fantastic way of remembering the small things, and injecting some positivity into your day. Amongst it all, it can be easy to tune out the small things and focus on the big and bad things. Don’t forget that the little bits and bobs that make you happy are also what makes us human.

5. Listen to Some Music

Music is an amazing way to help people express emotions and feelings. It truly has the power to make you happier, and more positive for the day ahead. While music can sometimes be a distraction, why not take some time out to enjoy it, over morning coffee, or your lunch break or have a dance in the kitchen while making supper.

6. Read Up on Your Industry

If you don’t fancy using your brain for general life skills, you could use this time to educate yourself on your particular line of work! Every day, new and interesting insights into every career pathway are brought to light. Use this time to browse through LinkedIn, read some blogs or articles, and just enrich your mind with useful tips.

7. Write Some Lists

Now is a good time to start noting down any goals you have, from long term to short term goals, things you want to achieve or just a snag list of things you want to do in the house, such as paint a door or re-design a room.

A really popular past time these days is to create a bullet journal; a beautifully designed notebook with to-dos and lists for the week ahead. So, if you want to get crafty, and let your creative juices flow, this is the perfect time to get your mind prepared for the day.

8. Call a Friend or Family Member

Why not use this time at home to have a chat with your mum or dad, your best friend, or your sibling. You could even call up someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and there is no excuse these days with free apps such as Skype, Zoom and Whatsapp which allows you to make calls and video calls across the world for free. Who knows, you might even rekindle a lost friendship along the way.

9. Explore Some Positive Social Media Accounts

One of the more modern commuting problems is the exposure we now have to negative online content. Especially in situations, such as the one we are currently in with Covid-19, this negative content could be difficult to ignore. To combat this, try to take care of your mental health by following social accounts that make you feel good about yourself. Be it body positivity, inspiration and motivation, or something creative and fun.

10. Explore Some Mindfulness Apps

Mindfulness is such a key part of living a happy and healthy life. So, whether it be meditation, gratitude, motivation, or anything else which keeps you thinking about your mindset, there are hundreds of apps available. Just head on over to your app store, and you’re bound to find something that could help you flip the positivity switch.

11.Try Some Brain Training Apps

If you really want to keep your mind active and improve your brain health and cognitive function, brain training apps are perfect. They keep your mind active, wake you up before work, and are likely to benefit you in the long run.

12. Declutter

Why not use this time to get some of those jobs on your snagging list you have had no time for? Maybe your doors need to be painted or your spare room needs to be sorted out? Decluttering is a really positive thing to do for your overall wellbeing so now is a good time to do that although no need to take it all on at once - maybe just one room or one small corner.

13. Just Pause

In the modern world, there’s little time to just sit and reflect. We’re constantly distracted by work, people, phones, and general life woes. With that being said, there’s no need for you to “self-improve” or “be productive”. In a world of side hustles, be someone with a good work/life balance. So, take this time to just look out the window, and watch the world go by. When else do you ever get a chance to just get lost in your own thoughts?

These are just 13 ideas or ways to enrich this extended time at home we have during the current pandemic and hopefully help ease stress and anxiety. Do let me know what your best way to use this time is in the comments below.


  1. Some wonderful advice and ideas Laura and I'm pleased to say that I'm doing most of these. But I had forgotten about podcasts - and I've just spent the last 1/2 hour searching and subscribing to ones that look interesting, so thanks for the reminder - and keep up your positive spirit! It works wonders for others I'm sure xx

    1. Ao glad you found it useful Lauretta - yes Podcasts are great for times like these

      Laura x

    2. I like the TED Talks - they cover all sorts of topics.

  2. It is really a nice and useful piece of info. I am happy that you shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing..

    1. My pleasure, so glad you found it useful

      Laura x

  3. Excellent post! I'm planning on learning some positive psychology while I'm off!

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