4 simple gift ideas for couples


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Gift buying can be stressful. Knowing that your gift matches the taste of the recipient is something that will be on your mind as no one wants to waste money & getting something practical and needed is a more sustainable choice that just getting a gift for the sake of it. You want to know that the gift that you are buying will be received well and will be appreciated.

Gift buying can get even more challenging when it comes to choosing suitable presents for couples and recently I've found this out with my friends who are either getting married, moving in with each other or expecting a child. While you could buy separate gifts a combined gift is less waste and often less time consuming although you will have two different people’s tastes to meet, not just one so it can feel like buying for a couple is double the stress.

Here are some tips for getting the right gift for a couple.

An Experience

Experiences are something that can create long-lasting memories. Buying a gift of an experience is a great way of giving happiness to a couple by getting them a gift that they can both enjoy together. It may be that you want to pay for them to enjoy watching the sunrise or set as they glide above the beautiful countryside in a hot air balloon. You might want to buy them afternoon tea on a steam train that takes in some of the country’s most gorgeous coastlines. Or, you could hire them a classic campervan that they can drive away for a memorable and relaxing weekend.

A Portrait Of The Couple

Couples portraits can be great for celebrating the love between two people. You might want to get a painting commissioned. Alternatively, you may opt to pay for them have a sitting with a professional portrait photographer, or have you could look at finding a company that print and frame photos. Choose the best photo of the couple or one that you feel as particular memories attached.

Date Night Vouchers

Unfortunately, life can often get in the way of some couples enjoying quality time together. If you are conscious of the fact that the couple you are buying for doesn’t get to enjoy life together for one reason or another, buy them vouchers that they can use to go on a date night together. Think about the type of food that they both like and get a voucher for a restaurant that they might enjoy. Alternatively, you could buy cinema vouchers that they can use to go and see any film that they might enjoy.

If you cannot go out due to childcare or another reason then why not have a date night at home? Make it really special with a nice film, board games, a bottle of wine, tapas and some extra treats like a jerky gift box along with some nice chocolates for dessert.

Gifts For The Home

Lastly, if you are buying for a couple who have recently moved in with each other, you may want to buy them practical gifts for the home. Pay them a visit and pay attention to things that they may need, or get talking about homeware items casually to work out if there is anything they need. The last thing that you would want to do is buy a duplicate of something they already own.


  1. One of my friends absolutely loves campervans - didn't even know you could hire them. You learn something new every day as they say!

  2. Lovely suggestions. I've got my best friends wedding anniversary coming up and I was a bit stumped as to what to get them!!


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