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I have to say I don't wear or own that much jewellery but every single piece I do own is very special to me and has been carefully selected for one reason or another and each has their own story. I always believe in less is more so I rather invest in a piece I love than have lots of low-quality pieces. I have a beautiful silver anchor necklace from anchor & crew I haven't taken off in a few years and it's my way of sharing my love of the ocean and travel and it's one of the newer pieces I own, but I often buy second hand and for a variety of reasons.

When it comes to style I tend to go with classic designs that are timeless with a minimalist Scandi inspired look as I feel these last the test of time and when it comes to any purchases I always look towards the future and if it's something I will be able to pass down to my children, which is what my mother has done and I know eventually I will inherit a beautiful Ruby and Diamond ring, both of which are so beautifully designed that even now they classic enough to wear.

When it comes to picking the perfect piece of jewellery such as an engagement ring, why not consider going down the Vintage and Antique route? Firstly Vintage refers to anything over 20yrs old and antique is anything over 100yrs old and this can affect the price and of course doing research beforehand is always key but here are 5 reasons why vintage jewellery is the way forward.

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1. Ethical and environmentally friendly

Most are aware of some of the ethical issues associated with the diamond industry so opting for antique or vintage pieces ensures your not contributing towards any of these issues as well as bringing life to preowned goods. Purchasing antique jewellery also means that you're supporting local and independent businesses such as the highly reputable Flaxman Fine Jewellery in London which specialises in antique jewellery while having less of an impact on the environment.

2. It's Unique

One of the major benefits of buying antique jewellery is that you are getting something completely unique and it's unlikely you will come across another piece like it. Very often antique rings were hand-made by skilled craftsmen using old world techniques which means they often have beautiful detail and designs.
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3. Better Quality

As I said above often these pieces are made by highly skilled craftsmen with workmanship more refined than today, often making bespoke pieces that took a lot of time, over the mass-produce modern jewellery we see today.

4. Excellent value

Buying antique or vintage engagement rings do come at a price and it should be seen as an investment, saying that it's often really good value going down the pre-owned route. Firstly did you know that secondhand jewellery is VAT-exempt? Which instantly makes these pieces 20% less than a comparable new piece. There is also no manufacturing costs involved which means better quality diamonds and gemstones for your money. Antique jewellery also often retains it's value and is easy to resell should you want to part with it in the future.

With every piece of vintage and antique jewellery, it tells a story and offers something really special, unique and sustainable. Another tip is going with a reputable dealer, such as Flaxman Fine Jewellery, that knows what they are talking about, has speciality knowledge, offers a repair service and offers some kind of return service - such as a 14-day money-back guarantee should you change your mind, because at the end of the day it's an investment.

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  1. What a gorgeous ring, I love the detail on it!

  2. I love good quality jewellery. I don't have many like you too but I love every one of them.

  3. I am in love with that first image, it is a really beautiful piece

  4. I love vintage jewellery. I can never get rings to fit me though as I have child-sized fingers! I have lots of vintage necklaces and earrings though :)

    Louise x


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