Ideas For Keeping The Children Busy On The Weekends


Children naturally have a lot of energy, they always want to be exploring, climbing, and finding out all about the world, is what they are designed to do. This is how the small minds grow into open and creative brains, and what better way to feed the imagination and taking them out of the house, and onto short day trips that they will find fascinating. There are only so many playgrounds that you can visit over time, but sometimes there are more exciting and educational places to take the children on the weekend. It’s so easy for us to end up stuck indoors on electronics over the weekend, but if you feel that this is A waste of valuable time, here are some activities you can try with your family.


I feel it's really important to show children a creative world, and allow them the opportunity to explore fantastic sculptures, paintings or drawings outside or at an art fair, that artists have taken a lot of time to create. Inspiring small minds to become artists, poets, or writers is essential to work. And of course, even if they don’t necessarily take these on as full-time lifestyle choices as they grow, it’s agreed by many that sharing art with children broadens their minds, and they will always benefit from it. Many children adore being creative, and the drawers full of paintings and drawings that we accumulate are evidence of this. This goes on to help children from all walks of life; even if they don’t find themselves in a creative field, they can still be inspired And creative in many other industries. Photography is also great creative skill children can enjoy, you could head outside and do a spot of wildlife photography or set up a mini photoshoot at home with some fun props. My son loved attending a wedding recently that has a photobook similar to these Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth do. But above all, art can be and should be fun and thought-provoking, which is never a bad thing for children.


Museums often have events available for children, and family-friendly days that have plenty of activities attached to them, digging around and finding one that suits you on a day that you can all visit will help you spend some time learning about the history of your area. Museums such as Cardiff museum generally have free entry as well, so it’s a low-cost way of discovering fantastic historical information, fascinating installations surrounding animals, and more about the history of our planet. Children can learn so much from museums, and sometimes visiting castles and stately homes open to the public, can be some of their favourite days out.


Depending on where you live, there is usually an outdoor space with plenty of greenery available, sometimes you may need to take a short journey away to discover these places, but with a little bit of research, you will find yourself walking through fields, and getting plenty of fresh air, while exercising those legs. Letting the children run around and explore the outdoors it’s going to help them sleep at night as well, which is a win-win situation for everybody. Some great ideas to get the children moving around more is to try a scavenger hunt or follow trials laid out, such as treasure hunts, or Easter egg hunt at Easter time. You will generally find events connected to organizations that care for the environment so that everybody enjoys their time outdoors.

Spending time with the family doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and if you follow these ideas, you should find everybody has a lovely weekend. So pack a picnic, and see what you can find in your local area.


  1. I used to love going outdoors with my parents on the weekends. We didn't live near art galleries, but lived by walking trails. It was so awesome.

  2. We love outdoor activities and can not wait to do more one thing we want to do is art work.

  3. 100 percent agree you don't need to spend loads of money to have fun. We Love going for walks and to the park together.

  4. Oh he looks so small on that canoe! Very cute. Love looking round museums and exploring outdoor spaces

  5. We have English Heritage and National Trust membership which really helps fill any voids


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