Hamper Gift Ideas for Vegan Loved Ones


Stuck for a perfect Christmas gift for your vegan friend or family member? With more and more people being conscious of the provenance of their food and their buying choices in general, being vegan or ethical no longer means that you have to miss out.

We think that an ethical hamper is a perfect present. Just upcycle a basket, box or bag and fill it with goodies like the ones below:

Key Ring

Ok, it’s not exactly edible but we don’t think that any self-respecting vegan should leave the house without their vegan keyring. And this one is pretty spectacular. You’re welcome. 

Vegan Chocolate

You don’t have to break the bank with specialised vegan chocolate to make sure that your gift is cruelty-free. Although you are, of course, welcome to if you so desire. Lots of mainstream dark chocolates are free of animal fats; just double-check the ingredients. After Eights, for example, are vegan, but other After Eight products contain milk. 

Vegan-Friendly Wine

Yes, you heard right. If you can get vegan wine, that must mean that there is such a thing as non-vegan wine. Some (but not all) wines contain animal products. And it can be hard knowing which ones do and which ones don’t.

Save your vegan friend’s eyesight scouring minute font for hidden ingredients by doing the hard work for them. There are some delicious reds, whites and sparkling wines available if you do a little research. 

Vegan Candles

Candles add ambience and make your home smell wonderful although many are not vegan-friendly. how every there has been an increase in handmade soy wax candles which are vegan and cruelty-free. I love the 4U Perfect candles which are Soy-wax hand-poured candles made in the UK, so not only are they a cleaner burning candle compared to many of those found on the high-street containing paraffin but they are also a UK based company making it an even more ethically conscious purchase.


Animal by-products are present in some surprising things, including cosmetics. You can’t beat a vegan Christmas pudding bath bomb whilst quaffing your vegan wine and nibbling on vegan chocolate by candlelight! Lush also have a fantastic range of vegan and cruelty-free products instore that are handmade and come in plastic-free packaging.

Festive Christmas Pudding

Did someone say Vegan Christmas pudding? Yes they did. The days of vegans missing out over Christmas are long gone with delicious animal-free options. Add some vegan custard to complete the experience. 


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a delicious glass of Bailey’s or two. In coffee, hot chocolate, on its own – Bailey’s is warming, creamy and comforting; the perfect Christmas tipple. Great news for vegans with Bailey’s Almande – the perfect Christmas treat. 

Once you have gathered your indulgent vegan Christmas treats, wrap them up in brown paper or recycled wrapping paper, pop in your upcycled box and voila! You have the perfect pamper package for the vegan in your life. You can see a few more ideas over on my Thoughtful Gift Guide post. 


  1. Some lovely ideas here. We are big fans of anything lush and wouldn’t everything smell absolutely amazing?!

  2. Oh, I wish they'd bought out that Almond Bailey's a couple of years back when I was dairy free! My son can't have milk, so we tend to buy a lot of vegan chocolate and treats, so quite a few ideas on this list for me, thank you

  3. Lush have fantastic products don't they. Lovely ideas for gifts here.

  4. I had no idea that wine can be non-vegan! I have a couple of vegan friends so I'll have to take note of that.

  5. I can feel a visit to Lush coming on!

  6. wow this amazing gift for my vegan friends


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