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How to Make Your Clothes Perfect for You

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Finding clothes on the high street, online or in charity shops that fit you and your style perfectly is near to impossible. Whether it’s the fit or style, there is likely to be something that is not completely perfect about the fit of the clothing you buy. Of course for general everyday items this can easily be passable, however for certain special items you may want to take the time to ensure that your clothes fit your style and body perfectly.

Clothing alterations can make all the difference to something looking average or outstanding. Alterations Boutique have professional seamstresses who can work with you to make your outfit unique for you and your figure. We have teamed up with them to let you in on how alterations can make your clothes perfect for you! Keep reading for the top three changes that need to be made to generic clothing. 

The Fit

How an outfit fits you is arguably the most important part. You look as good as you feel, and when you are wearing something tailored to your body there is no better feeling. It is not all about the price of the outfit but rather how well it fits you, you can take something that didn’t break the bank and make it look priceless by having it tailored to you. Areas to focus on include the bust, stomach and hips, ensuring that nothing is too tight or too loose and gives you that effortlessly perfect look. If you need some guidance on getting your measurements then this website makes it easier

The Style

Do you ever have an idea in your head of exactly what you want but you just can't seem to find it? Alterations can make all the difference. If you are able to find something similar on the high street to what you are looking for, but there is just some slight style changes you want to make, take it to a professional seamstress and see what they can do for you. Whether you want something added, removed or restyled, they will be able to run you through all of the possibilities. Of course there is also the option of working with a seamstress and having something made completely from scratch for you, guaranteed to be exactly what you were looking for.

The Length

Although many high street stores now provide petite and tall options, it is still very unlikely that you will find something that is the perfect length for your particular height and I know first hand as I am only 5ft and the majority of things are too long. Your full length clothing should hit just above the floor or around your shoe depending on the style, not drape across the floor or hit your leg at an awkward length. When purchasing something, if there are various length options go for something that is too long rather than too short to allow easy alterations.

Sleeve length can also be a large issue for many people. There is nothing worse than having something hit your forearms at an awkward position, or drape too long covering your hands. When sleeves are too long and you have to roll them up it can really impact the way you feel about your outfit, which is why having alterations on your sleeves can make such a big difference. 

I have also shared my top tips on shopping online this month, to help you get it right the first time and reduce having to return clothing, as well as save money in the process, do check this blog post out

*Post contains affiliate links 


  1. I have always struggled with finding something I fits me like a glove, my mum always have to make alterations.

  2. It makes so much difference when something fits well, I think it just gives you such a massive boost of confidence.

  3. You look fabulous, that last outfit is beautiful.

    The fit of my clothes makes a huge difference on how I feel about myself x

  4. I love those trousers. What an amazing print. I definitely agree about fit being so important. If it fits good, it feels good!

  5. I have altered a few things myself if they have been too long. I think finding a perfect fit can often be tricky.

  6. your personal style is fantastic ! i often struggle making clothes look great on me - and it makes me feel not very good , but when i find that one piece - it makes me feel like a million dollars

  7. I am so in love with your style, you look so cute and stunning. Amazing style for real. thank you for this wonderful tips.

  8. You look super fab! I struggle to get clothes that fit both my top half and bottom half well at the moment. My straps are usually falling off!

  9. I only wear stuff that I feel good in or it changes the way that I feel or act

  10. I have always struggled with finding something I fits too!


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