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Millennial mother

Millennials, we cover a pretty wide age range, even though I have kids I still fit into the Millennial generation and while I cannot talk for everyone the way we navigate this digital world is far different to our parents era and therefore our needs are different. Many of us live life on the go, we live more for today and like to enjoy the things we can afford like brunch and coffee (as cliches as that is), as a generation many of us are also thinking more ethically, we want to support local business, be more sustainable and travel a little more. Also personally I find when it comes to gifts I want them to be meaningful or practical and here is a little gift guide for the digital millennial.

Reusable flask
zero waste

1. In a world where we are trying to cut out plastic as much as possible these two gifts are perfect for eating and drinking on the go as well as look stylish and dear I say Instagrammable. I am loving the stainless steel Black + Blum thermal food flask which keeps lunch both hot or cold and completely portable.

2. Next but is the super stylish and price point water reusable water bottle from Matalan for £8! Stay hydrated on the go, save money on never buy a plastic single-use water bottle ever again.

3. How cool is this handmade zero waste cutlery wrap in a geometric print from a small independent maker based in England via Etsy. This is a great little gift and you can even opt for the Bamboo cutlery with metal straw making is a great option for food on the go, a must have for any digital millennial. 

4. If your a regular reader of my blog you will know I'm a big fan of Keep Cups (or any reusable coffee cup for that matter). They come in all different colours and designs and you can even make a custom cup. There is no excuse to by buying single use take-away coffee and nearly all big chains as well as plenty of independent coffee shops offer discounts to people who use reusable cups. 

Wanderlust jewellery
Wanderlust pin badge

5. I will put my hands up straight away and say I love prints, especially typography ones or simple lettering and this Wanderlust print is not exception. Simple, straight to the point and captures that current minimalist, Scandi vibe and would look great in any millennial flat, home or workspace. 

6. The Mountains are calling - how pretty is this wanderlust inspired silver necklace! Handmade by Justyna from CocollaArt based in Norwich, UK. I know I would be over the moon if someone got me this for my birthday or Christmas as it's both unique and meaningful.  

7. Rose gold, it's really having a moment and for the right reasons as it' gives the traditional silver or gold that more feminine and unique appeal. I'm in love with this linked heart silver and rose gold ring as the two-tine effect has a delicate minimalist feel I love in jewellery. This unique piece is from UK based Kigu London which have a fantastic range. 

8. I don't think you can ever have enough pin badges right? This one is really fun and is great as a small budget friendly gift for any of those friends who love to travel or head off on outdoor adventures. With rose gold and glitter enamel this one is not your normal pin badge an is designed by indy owners Sparrow and Wolf

wooden phone case

9. We are all starting to wake up to the benefits of bringing nature into the home, from helping to purify the air to having a calming affect it's certainly a positive growing trend. It also makes for a great little gift and these concrete geometric with marble affect, each one being hand made by Little Deer in Brighton, meaning each pot is unique. Succulents and cacti are also a great low maintenance option. 

10. We all use and have phones, this is a fact in this modern world, so it's a pretty safe bet if your stuck for a gift to go with something phone related wether that be a portable charger or this cool wooden phone cover. These are handcrafted using sustainable wood by Mandallion and their are a variety of designs although I am loving this mountain engraving.

This is of course just a small selection but I hope it's been helpful and all of these gifts are £35 or under making them some great price point budget friendly options for birthdays and Christmas gift ideas.  


  1. All of these gifts are so cute!
    I particularly like the geometric marble plant pots :)

    Dani x

  2. These are all lovely gifs, I particularly love the food flask.

  3. What an amazing selection of gift ideas! I would love them all

  4. I love that water bottle and can't believe its from Matalan! I know where I'm going tomorrow

  5. Ooo so many lovely ideas, gives me some inspiration for Christmas gift buying. The flask is fab xx

  6. Some lovely ideas here. I love that keep cup. I need to treat myself to one :)

  7. Love the idea of a keep cup and the cork around the outside is a great idea

  8. I love the sound and look of the gift ideas here. Very nice.

  9. some lovely gift ideas here, I would be happy to receive any of them myself x

  10. I do love the disposable bottle, it is something I always need to have with me. Such great ideas

  11. These look like some good gift ideas here. Thanks for sharing


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