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Body Positivity in motherhood

Body confidence

Body Positivity - the hot word right now and for the right reasons although I often feel people get little confused about what it means and feel it only fits to one section of society or is an excuse for women to wear inappropriately short shorts which simply isn't the case and it's something that can really affect us all. Body positivity isn't about size it's about how you feel in your body wether you are petite, normal or plus size and what bothers one person about their body will not be the same for others but that shouldn't devalue their feelings. For a long time for us ladies (of course men are also included in this) the media have sold what an ideal women is and that just isn't reality in fact the typical 6ft size 6 model is very much the exception and not the rule and that has left us all feeling inadequate when it comes to how we think we should look and society perceives us.

Before I had children I didn't have that many hang ups, okay I wasn't a big fan of my arms as having done sport for years my arms were always more muscular than my friends but in general I was happy with my body. I was also extremely lucky to no be badly affected by stretch marks after having kids but that doesn't mean my body hasn't changed as I have gone up a dress size, my toned arms and legs have soften, I have cellulite creeping in and my confidence has dropped. I don't think I have ever felt so judged as when I became a mother, not just in terms of just how you look but what you do and how you parent so over the past few and this has had an effect on my self esteem and something I am working on.

What is great to see with the Body Positive movement is that mothers are embracing it as well and that we are not only parents but also people and can often feel discounted and diminished especially when it comes to simple things like time at the beach with our kids. Our bodies may not be perfect anymore but simple things like enjoying time at the beach without feeling judged goes a long way. We all age and everyone adapts psychically and mentally to motherhood in different ways but everyone is welcome to the conversation when it comes to body confidence. Now I know I am not very big, around a size 8-10, but until this year I hadn't worn a bikini for almost seven years because of my own personal hangups bit because of people like Molly Forbes who has been a positive force when it comes to mothers and being proud of their bodies, I put a bikini on the first time this year, in fact more than once and I am so glad I did.

body confidence

Coming to terms and learning to love yourself is really key, in a world where we tend to overshare we leave ourselves open to criticism but I found when you really are comfortable in your own body comments hurt less and tend to bounce off you despite being unpleasant and with support from others we learn to rise above it. We all have the right to enjoy clothes, to dress in our own style and just because we don't fit the picture perfect image that is seen in magazines that doesn't mean we don't matter.

Another issue I have personally experience is because it has taken me a while to accept my post-child thirty something body for a long time I didn't treat myself or spend money on my and rather the kids. I think this is fairly common and us mums tend to overlook our own needs even when it comes to essential items and put our families needs first. Having a well fitted bikini or underwear really does go a long way in how we feel, it's these small things that have an impact. So this past year I made sure to pick up a few items that made me feel good inside and out including a new bikini, underwear, and supportive tanks and tees from Knix that work with my body shape.

What I am really working on is accepting ageing but also embracing it and I know that I will look back when I am 60 and think why didn't I enjoy the body I had and make the most of it and that is my goal for the next couple of years to live in the moment and no get hung up and my own hang ups. Perfection is a myth and uniqueness is what makes life the amazing and diverse place we live and love.



  1. Perfect piece of work you have done, this web site
    is really cool with good information.

  2. I am working on building my body confidence this year. I've been losing weight and doing yoga to boost my positivity. It's going well!

    1. So good to hear it's going well Micaela. I really want to get into Yoga more - just so good for your general wellbeing

      Laura x

  3. I have to admit i've never been happy with my body whether I have been a size 10 or a size 16. I totally agree with you, you need to accept yourself, just wish it was easier to do

    1. I know right! I just don't want to look back when I'm 60+ and think why didn't I just enjoy it more in my thirties

      Laura x


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