4 Different kinds of Family friendly Gardens


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I have always considered any outdoor space as important as your indoor space when it comes to your home, no matter how big or small you can create something really special and you can also make it a family affair and something you work on together. No matter what style or design you decided to go with just make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve as some planning is needed as a minimum.
Your local garden centre is a good source of information and inspiration, as is the internet when you are deciding, for example, whether to use turf or seeding gardening styles for your new venture or if you want to look into putting down some decking, as I said planning is key.

Before You Begin

No matter what type of garden you choose, you are going to want to work with reputable seed companies to get your grass seeds and other gardening tools. To find the right seed company, it’s best to do your research, take your time, and to work with only the best. Now, read on below for a few of the specialty gardens, you might want to consider.

wild flowers

Woodland Garden

If you love nature at its finest, a woodland garden may be the right choice for you. Woodland plants and wildflowers are the perfect inhabitants for this type of garden. First, you want to plant some shrubs to provide shade, and then choose some shade-loving plants to put in the garden itself. Make sure that you choose non-invasive plants for the best results.

Rain Gardens

If you are looking to help protect the environment, you can go green with a rain garden and for those who don't know what a rain garden is it's a garden of native shrubs and perennials planted in a slope designed to hold and soak in rain water. Not only does a rain garden protect the quality of groundwater, which is good for the environment, it also helps to protect wildlife, and invites them to come over to enjoy your space. Make sure to put plenty of native plants in your rain garden, so that it will be a beauty to behold, on top of being environmentally friendly.

kids garden

A Children’s Garden

There is nothing like spending time with your children communing with the great outdoors. Let your child plant their own garden and then watch their eyes widen as it grows. Let your child choose a theme for the garden, as children’s minds are the most creative when they are young.

An Edible Garden

Of course, you can always go with the most common type of garden around. Plant some veggies and even some fruits in the ground and you will have a freezer full of goodness when the winter winds descend. Edible gardens can be veggie, fruit, herbs, or anything else that is edible and makes a tasty treat.

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These are just a few of the different types of gardens out there for you to choose from. Make sure that you test your ground to see what type of garden will grow best and then get out there and sink your fingers into the dirt to make things grow. Trust me, there is nothing like it! Happy Gardening!


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