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Last month we headed off to Bute Park and the RHS Flower Show, it's actually the third year I have taken my eldest and the second time for my youngest and it has become somewhat of an annual tradition for us and a fantastic day out. This year I also attended with my friend Kelly, a Cardiff based blogger whose children are a similar age to my eldest and due to the popularity of the event I would recommend if you are taking kids to go with someone as it's so busy an extra pair of eyes is very handy. 

With the Flower show taking place in Bute Park, the most central green space in the city centre, there is a real buzz as you get closer to the venue as people near and far travel to the Welsh Capital for a day full of colour, flowers, food and festivities. 



What keeps bringing us back year after year is how family friendly it is and as soon as we passed through the gates we were asked if the kids would like to do a treasure hunt with a prize to everyone who finishes it, of course they jumped at the opportunity. Each year they also have an array of sculptures up and this year was no exception with an unmissable giant crochet wheelbarrow right next to the entrance. Another highlight is the Schools wheelbarrow competition where Schools across South Wales designed and decorated wheelbarrows in cool and creative ways and you get given a token to vote for your favorite.

This year they also had a specifically designed area just for kids where they could play games, get music playing by cycling a bike, make crafts and basically a safe area for parents to sit and relax for a moment while being able to easily supervise their children. I think a space like this is a really good idea as the flower show can become extremely busy around midday.

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light house

Of course we also made sure to check out all the award-winning designed gardens as well as taking in all the bright blooms in the flower tents and picking up a succulent or two along the way. When it comes to gardening and flowers this show has everything you need with tons of talks, demonstrations, stall holders and plenty of flowers and products on sale. As you proceed further into the fair you come to the bandstand which a constant stream of talented musicians taking the stage throughout the day. The Ferris wheel also cannot be missed as well as the smaller independent craft market and a huge variety of street food and market stands.

RHS flower show

RHS flower show

As with every year we had a great time and the sun even came out later on making it one of the warmest days we have seen this year. As it gets closer to closing things start to slow down a little and become less busy which is great when you have kids. I highly recommend visiting the RHS show when it comes back to Cardiff next year and plan to stay the whole day or at least 2-3hrs because there is simply so much to see and do. I would also recommend taking a reusable bottle of water as there are refilling stations as well as some snacks as food with most events like this is on the pricey side.


  1. Refocus before each shot and as the animal moves.

  2. My mother-in-law would love this! She has been to the RHS flower shows in the past but didn't go this year.

    1. We love going and this was a 3rd year, just so much to see and do and really good food & music as well

      Laura x

  3. This looks like such a lovely day out. My best friend is working at the Chelsea flower show this year. I really want to go along and annoy her! :D

  4. I do love days out like this, I remember doing the Hampton Court flower show when mine were young and we lived in Surrey and now we love all the local Cornish craft and livestock shows. This one looks like it had a lovely mix of things for children and adults to enjoy and always a bonus to go with a friend.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  5. I really should consider attending the RHS Flower Show next time it comes to Cardiff. It looks like a lovely day out for all the family!

  6. Oo this looks like a fab day out! I've never heard of a flower show before!

  7. The Scottish Wheelbarrow competition sounds like fun, I bet that's great deciding which to vote on. I've never been to a flower show as I'm always worried it will set off my hayfever but I love looking at all the photos people take at them

  8. I've always wanted to visit a flower show, but I've never got round to it! the RHS Flower Show looked amazing though. I'm glad you guys had a good time :)

    Louise x

  9. This looks like a brilliant day out and the kids look like they had lots of fun too

  10. What a lovely day out and it sounds like there was plenty for the children to do. I love the lighthouse garden and the crochet wheelbarrow :-) #countrykids

  11. I love the sound of a treasure hunt! Also that giant crochet wheel is amazing - how long do you think that took to make!?

  12. I'm pleased you had a great day out #countrykids

  13. I haven't ever been to cardiff but the flower show looks and sounds great, would love to visit with family!


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