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Petplan recently got in touch and asked if my eldest would like to have a go at designing his own dream pet and as my 7yr old absolutely loves spending hours drawing and getting creative as well as a keen animal lover I knew this was a match made in heaven. Now I didn't tell him that his drawing was actually going to be made into a real soft toy, I left that as a surprise and what a surprise it was.

Both of my sons grew up with our family dog Sam who sadly passed away last year after a long and happy life and has been really missed by all of us. We have discussed the possibility of getting another pet or as we like to call it a "new member" of the family. My son absolutely loves everything about Cats so I wasn't surprised when that was his natural choice when it came to designing his own dream pet, although this cat is different, it's a superhero cat with wings who flies around helping others. 

designing a soft toy

When it arrived I was really excited to see what it looked like as well as watch my sons reaction when he opened the bag to see his vision come to life. Both of us were so impressed with how exact the soft toy was to his drawing, down to every whisker, colourful detail and slightly off balance wings, it's perfect and has immediately become his favourite soft toy and something he dearly loves. Of course this doesn't replace Sam our much missed family dog but its been a wonderful creative project and have been happy to have the chance to be apart of it.

Ever since I was a young girl we have always had a variety of pets and they have always been treated as equals in our house. If they are sick we would take them to the vet straightaway, care for them, love them the same as any other member of our family. Which is why we don't take things lightly when considering getting another one, for us it's for life and therefore all things need to be considered. One of the most important things firstly is making sure we have the right Pet Insurance because just like people animals get ill, face old age and need extra support which is why if you are considering getting a pet than do check out Pet Insurance from Petplan so you know you can offer your new member the safe and secure home they need.

pet plan

This post has been possible thanks to Petplan, but all thoughts are my own


  1. Aww... sorry for the loss of your pet. It is lovely that your son enjoyed this.

  2. That looks so fun, I love it. My pet insurance has gone right up recently so I've been thinking of switching companies. I'll give Petplan a look. I had to rush one of my cats to the emergency vet a few weeks ago as I noticed his stomach was massively distended. Turns out he'd broken into his kibbles and gorged himself. Cost me £130 to find out that he just needed to go to the bathroom, haha!

    Katie xoxo

  3. This is a really cute idea - so magical for little ones to see their design come to life :)

  4. Oh what a fabulous idea! I know for certain our kids would love to do the same as they are so arty, so sorry to hear about Sam. Having a good insurance for pets is so important

    Yeah Lifestyle

  5. Aw this is such a lovely idea by Pet Plan! Sorry to hear about Sam, glad you’ve found a replacement now hehe :)

  6. This is such a wonderful idea, anything to help children learn life lessons is a blessing x

  7. This is cool that he was able to design his own pet, and a superhero cat is adorable x

  8. How cute is that?! So like the drawing!!


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