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So later this month I will be attending the Princes Trust Awards in Cardiff which I am really excited about because it's such a positive and fantastic charity and does so much for the youth of this country who have god ideas but need mentors to help make it happen. The awards is black tie event so certainly not your standard evening out so of course I am already planning what I should be wearing, I've been to a few of these type of things before and it's a great opportunity to dress up a little bit different to what you normally do.

If you have never attended a black tie event it can be little nerve-wracking especially if you are worried about looking a little silly or out of place. If you have been invited to your first black tie event, most likely you will have already asked Google what is and is not acceptable.

Many of us look forward to such occasions when we get to dress up and show off our sense of style, although, for some, there is no more daunting prospect. With loads of people to meet and impress on top of ensuring that you dress accordingly, it is enough to make even the coolest of customers to break out into a cold sweat. Worry not, though, because at some point everyone had a first time. And yes, the chances are they were exactly the same as you – you are not alone.

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What is a Black Tie Event?

A black tie event is a formal event where those in attendance are expected to dress in their smartest clothes. This means absolutely no jeans or trainers that you might be able to get away with smart-casual dress codes, so don’t even try it because you will only be refused entry.

Men are expected to wear a suit and tie with smart shoes, while the dress code for women is usually cocktail dresses or smart trouser suits. Some black tie events are not so strict in the way that men can get away without wearing a tie and women may not be expected to adorn a full length evening gown, but it is always best to check first. Occasions that may be marked as a black tie event are award ceremonies, exclusive parties and other formal events. Dress code will almost always be marked on any invitation or promotional material.

What Can I Wear?

Although, at first glance, it could seem as if you are restricted in what you can wear at a black tie event, especially when it comes to menswear but that is where you would be wrong. Fashion ensures that you can still show off your individuality with accessories such as tie pins and bracelets. Men could opt for a cool or chic tie or add some class with a toeclip, John has used Tateossian last month when we attended a wedding and recommends them and Mini and Rose wrote a great post about smart accessories for woman that are suitable for black tie events.

While men will be expect to wear black ties, there is nothing that states how big or small a tie it has to be. For example, big and bold ties can look great when matched perfectly with a three-piece suit (the waistcoat can really make the world of difference), or you can play it call with a slim tie.

Of course, the ladies have more flexibility with their choices. Accessories such as necklaces and more can complement a dress or trouser suit to make for an incredibly combination. A black tie event shouldn’t be something to fear – embrace the concept and look your best!

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Keep it Simple

Try to keep your outfit as simple as possible. There is no place for outrageous patterns and over the top accessories at a black tie event. The secret is in how you wear your threads, not what you wear, so if your feel comfortable in your outfit then you will no doubt look the part.

These events do not mean you have to contend with clothes that you simply do not like wearing. If you don’t like them, don’t wear them. Shop around for comfortable and stylish outfits that you will look forward to wearing. Even if you do not have an event in the calendar, it is always best to have something in the wardrobe that you can wear for when one does come up!

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  1. Wow you all look so smart and I love your white jacket. That outfit looks far more comfortable than a long dress!

    1. Thanks so much, it is more comfortable and I do love monochrome

      Laura x

  2. great tips here. we had a ball to go to in the summer that was black tie, and I really struggled with knowing the etiquette of it all :) x


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