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What a wonderfully sunny weekend (which can be rare in Wales!) and whenever the sun comes out we try and pack as much into the day as possible. It started off with a fashion filled night at the Oxfam Boutique Women Day fashion event, the shop looked amazing with some great window displays and amazing clothes, the only problem was it was packed and you literally couldn't move or see anything so we ended up not staying very long but this is a compliment to the organisers for organising such a successful and busy event. After popping into Hooters for a quick bite we spent the rest of the night at my new favourite place - The downstairs bar at Las Iguanas on Mill Lane - this place makes some of the best cocktails ever and the flavour combination of my Apple, Elderflower and cucumber cocktail was amazing and for a friday night it wasn't too busy and had a more relaxed feel to it.

The rest of the weekend was all about Mr A, who is discovering the world around him, as this is the first spring where he can walk and run outside (was only crawling last time). I went to visit my mother over the weekend and took arthur to the local park and he loved the sandpit. John also bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers, as I love fresh flowers in the house, it adds a splash of colour to the kitchen

On sunday we spent the day at St Fagans, a local heritage museum that documents the history of wales and the homes the people lived in - full blog and outfit post to follow. A few other indulgences through the weekend included having one of my favourite breakfast's - bagels with Black Cherry conserve - yum yum. I also picked up some hot pink nail varnish, just for fun.

Elderflower cocktail

Rimmel nail polish
The best thing about the weekend though is that John gets some time off from work and Mr A loves spending time with him, they are so cute together.


  1. Ooo thanks for that cocktail picture, I might have to go down there and try it myself, it looks amazing!

  2. Very nice post and wonderful blog post. I like your post very much. Thanks a lot for sharing with us !!


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