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Costume jewellery is a great, and often inexpensive, way to accent any outfit. You can find it at carboot sales and in thrift stores, and there is always a wide selection making it easy to find a unique piece to fit your style. For those looking for new pieces to add to their own jewellery collections, there are a few costume jewellery pieces that every girl should own:

Costume jewellery bangles that are in non-traditional geometric shapes have become incredibly popular over the last few months. Many of these are square or hexogon in shape, and come in bright colors or patterns with chevron being a season favorite. If you are looking for some great arm wear, be sure to check out your local thrift store or consignment shop as they always seem to have a great selection of costume bangles at the counter.

The big bold sizes and colors of costume jewellery rings is almost unmistakeable, and they add a quick flare to nearly any outfit. Because they have grown in popularity, you can easily find new costume jewelry rings in several inexpensive. One of the newest trends in wedding bands is costume jewellery. Looking to avoid conflict diamonds, many brides-to-be are requesting vintage costume jewellery engagement rings instead. This is a really great trend, because it almost always ensures that your ring will be unique.

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If there is any type of necklace that is sure to steal the show, it is a costume jewellery one. These necklaces are generally bold, chunky, and large, and can help you turn a regular drab outfit into something dressy and spectacular. Because of their popularity, like costume jewellery rings, they can easily be found in new and vintage retailers and can be purchased at fairly reasonable prices.
However, if you truly want a unique piece, again, check out your local thrift and vintage stores. You will be more likely to find one that is like no other, and will find it for a rather cheap price.
For jewellery that can really show off your own style and personality, there really is no better choice than costume jewellery. Made of inexpensive materials, these pieces can be just as beautiful as those made with precious jewels and fine metals, but can be purchased for a fraction of the cost.

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