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The Carhartt comback

So for a while Carhartt seemed to be a bit off the mark but both John and I where very pleasantly surprised when we stumbled onto there spring/summer collection 2012. They seem to have come back to form, with some real MOD inspired designs. For a brand that has so much history it's great to see them back to what they do best, durable, well styled street style clothes. Here is our favourite picks from their Mens and Women's collection.

Mod boy


  1. Good to see you're doing well, Laura!

  2. Love ur favourite picks!
    Great blog, great photos :) I love your style ♥
    - I'm your new follower

    Fell free to visit my blog:


  3. The European Work in Progress stuff is much better than most of the USA stuff now.. Good to see them going from strength to strength.


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