Osborn shoes first look book


One of my first posts on this blog was about Osborn shoes. I love their individuality and quirkiness and I was so excited to see their new look book for winter/spring 2010/2011. What is also great is these shoes are hand-made in a time honoured old-world totally sweat-shop free environment and each shoe is signed by the maker as a testament to the sense of pride for the maker, as well as its wearer. The materials are also fairly traded and locally sourced, so not only are they super fashionable but also good for everyone involved. I love the whimsical images in this look book and the little behind the scenes film is inspiring.


  1. These shoes are lovely, they look so unique and well made.

  2. You are a treasure huntress!Those shoes are so special you only need a pair of jeans, a white t shirt and a big smile!

  3. They are absolutely adorably comforting looking:)

  4. wow, cool shoes :) they look comfy indeed. i love them.


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  6. Aw lovely shoes, and what a cute lookbook in general! love love love that it's fairly traded too, of course.

    Claire Marie x

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  10. Thanks for the lovely comments and awards :)

  11. love these shoes :)

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  12. What a wonderful idea! That’s a perfect way to honor your children and have a beautiful design as well. I’m really interested in hearing how much the design of the star means to people.

  13. This type of shoes is definitely special -- imagine handcrafted and signed by the maker. I'd be a proud owner if I have one.

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