Happy to be Back!!!


 So lots has happened since Xmas and I have been unable to keep up with my blog, but I'm back and back for good. Firstly I moved in with my wonderful boyfriend in the New Year and it took us till March to get the internet connected (everything takes longer than you think - to get a BT line then sky to connect internet...argh!) Also there is big big news which will very quickly come apparent. But otherwise everything is good and I am looking forward to the summer and I love love love the boho/festival look which is coming back (again :).
I have also been quite busy with my photography and I am nearly finished my professional photographic website and also shot a wedding over a month ago which was an experience, also two of my photo's where selected to be part of the Mail Art exhibition in Glasgow during Jan this year, aswell as there exhibition magazine. If your local to Cardiff or South Wales there is also a charity fashion show happening this weekend at the Cardiff International pool on Sat 24th April, the ticket prices are £10 but with labels such as Hudson and Hudson, Perfect Lingerie and Newport Fashion students showcasing their work, it will be worth it. For more info here is the link to their facebook page.
So here is just a happy little spring outfit....my legs are very white and in need of a tan. I am wearing my boyfriends Cazals that I bought him for Christmas...the original Run DMC nerd glasses!

Hat - H&M, Jumper - Kaliko, Black vest - Le Redoute, Shorts - Dickies, Shoes - Office, Glasses - Cazals

 Original Cazals - the same kind RUN DMC wore!! I love them

Fun photo from a night out.....also wearing my favourtie scrabble necklace by Fallen Saint jewellery.


  1. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! The red Camper Twins feature sperm alright... as I said, I thought they were really appropriate when I was pregnant!
    I'm always happy to find new blogs of interest, I'm looking forward to following yours!

  2. I am so happy you're back! I visited your blog while you were away and I was visiting tonight and noticed you had posted. Welcome back, you were missed, cheers! :-)

  3. Happy your back....and I look forward to future posts...great summer outfit and I love the Cazals

  4. I've just stumbled across your blog from 20sb and am really enjoying it! My Dad was born in Cardiff but I've never been (I live in Australia) and I love LOVE nerdy glasses!!! :-)

  5. I have a serious fascination with Wales photography and fashion. I'm no good at photog, I try though, I guess that counts for something right? haha. anyway keep up the rad outfits and the good photos. Nice necklace btw.


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