Just a day for taking photo's and Ugly Sweaters


So I am getting geared up to start my 365 day project next year - where you take a photo everyday. I love film though - so it may be abit harder, but it's a good motivation to get out and about and take some snaps. I have just bought this knitted jumper, which I practically live in now...it's so nice and warm. Also I bought a pair of jeggings/pull on jeans (not in this pic) but whoever invented those is a genious - I am in love with them!!!

Knitted Jumper - Miss Selfridges
Jeans - Levis
Shoes - MK from Amsterdam

Also I am totally in love with ugly jumpers!!! The uglier the better haha, I mean what would christmas be without novelty sweaters anyway?? So after looking on the net, I came up with some of my favourite jumpers, I also saw a great printed horse jumper in topshop the other day - which I need to get!!! Also what I didn't know is that people actually organise ugly jumper parties!!!



  1. Luv these sweaters, u can style them in so many different ways! : )



  2. That penguin jumper isn't ugly, though, it's adorable! I've heard of Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, I'd totally love to go to one of those!

  3. The sweeters are great!!!!! Your blog is great!!!! I´m following your blog, and put you at my linklist :) :)
    Your blog is personal, that´s what I like about it!

  4. Impressive!very very impressive i like the texture and the color of the dress i have nothing more to say.A brilliant idea from fashion addict.I love it so much very nice.And i like the penguin one!

  5. Love the penguin jumper - not a bit ugly! How are you getting on with 365 project? If you want to follow me - I'm on it! Will happily follow you :)

  6. these are pleasing in hte oddest way!

  7. not ugly at all!


  8. tnx =))))

    look at that !!! who would know!!!! =) and they have such different,and may I say, interesting designs and prints!! cool!

    nice blog =)


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