Obsessions - quirky icons, teacups and my film camera


SO my obsessions of late are spring flowers, anything vintage with the colour brown and teacups and sodabars....aswell as my current favourite fashion icon Zooey Deschanel, who just seems to look to cool in anything she wears. Besides being a talent actress she is also part of the quirky two piece band She and Him. At the moment I just cannot seem to get enough of her style (as seen below)

 I am  also in love with this silly little film by She and Him

So lately I have been going to this cute and super cheap coffee shop that has all the things a tucked away retroesque coffeeshop should have...queue teapots shaped as giant muffins and an array of home-made cakes and floral curtains. Also I just cannot get enough of my little trusty pentax Ashi at the moment....I really do prefer it over my digital SLR which I have to say I don't use very much....also a friend happened to pick up a little Kodak medium format box camera in mint condition which I am looking forward to using over the summer.

Me chillin in Wonderstuff Coffeeshop and here are a few photos from my Ashi Camera....shots of spring...makes me feel happy


  1. Look how cute you are! I love your little coffee shop picture. Looks so cozy! I'm in LOVE with your blog!! Will be back to visit. :)

  2. Your blog is wonderful and I'm following you so I can see lots more! I love She and Him but have never see this video, so that was pretty cool.

  3. Hi there Laura!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice blog you got here. :) So happy to be here. So you're from UK. Cool! Hope we can be friends.

    Love the blue eyes of Zooey Deschanel!

  4. Love the pics!!! I've seen the video before and I'm always scouring for Zooey pics but these are new to me. LOVELY!

    Thank you!


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