Why the Norwegian fjords should be on your bucket list


Norwegian fjords

It's hard to deny the allure and natural beauty of Scandinavia and it's a place I keep coming back to. Even if you are not someone who would normally consider a cruise, one down the Norwegian Fjord will never fail to be breathtaking as the fjords are truly a wonder of nature, especially in the Geirangerfjord which is over 60 miles and on the UNESCO World Heritage list for outstanding beautiful. 

What makes the Norwegian Fjords so special?

While fjords can be found in other countries such as New Zealand and Canada, it's Norway that comes in at the top of the list with over 1000 fjords and several of them are UNESCO World Heritage sites. The fjords were created by glaciers in Earth's last ice age, which created deep carved valleys like the ones in Norway, some of which are thousands of meters deep. 

What to see and do in the Fjords

1. Hiking

The Norwegian fjords are a playground to those who love the outdoors and provide a great base for hiking enthusiasts. Going on hike through the fjords allows you to experience this breathtaking landscape up close, with dramatic cliffs, crystal clear waters, waterfalls and coastal mountain trails.  

Of course, it is best to go with an experienced guide who can take you to the right viewpoints, also ensure you pack the right equipment and essentials like plenty of water and suncream and be aware of the local wildlife. 

2. SUP or Kayak the fjords

The fjords are the perfect place to get on the water, whether on the SUP or a kayak, it's guaranteed to be one of the more immersive and unique experiences you can have on the fjords. With the beauty of the towering landscape and stunning blue water, this is an experience that should go on everyone's bucket list.  There are plenty of kayaking and sup guides who will provide you with guidance and the equipment. 

Norwegian fjords

3. Visit a historical site

The Fjords are perfect for history buffs as it's steeped in Viking and Norse history and folklore as well as the forjds being formed in the last ice age means there are many ancient ruins to explore as well as open-air museums, Viking-era sites and folklore museums. 

4. Spot the Northern Lights

With Norway being so close to the Arctic Circle, depending on what time of the year you visit you have a good chance of being able to enjoy the famous aurora borealis. The highest chance of seeing the northern lights is generally between September and April.  

Northern lights

Is a cruise the best way to explore the fjords?

For many reasons, a Norwegian fjords cruise holiday is the best way to see as much of the area in a fairly short time! Just imagine sailing between immense cliffs through deep blue waterways, soaking in majestic sunsets in a truly incredible landscape, it's one of the most special ways to experience the fjords.

Most fjord cruises are around 7-11 nights and offer an array of Port calls, a variety of destinations, taking in multiple fjords and providing plenty of opportunity for plenty of excursions from hikes, food tours, kayaking and museums and heritage site visits. 

A cruise can also often take you to remote small villages and communities and often you have the chance to explore on foot, depending on your ship's tender ports. Also, a cruise can take out some of the stress with the price including full board, entertainment,  port taxes, 

Norwegian fjords

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