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It goes without saying that most of us are feeling the pinch with the cost of living in the UK and we could all do with a few extra pounds in our pocket and that's where Skedadle comes in. It's an innovative gaming app that lets you have fun playing some classic games such as Scramble and Snake and earning some money along the way, with zero charges, purchases or monthly subscriptions required! 

What is Skedadle

Skedadle is a completely free-to-use app that pays you real money for playing games, whether at home or on the move! 

Skedadel is available on the App Store and Google Play and do feel free to use my referral code UB9RC

How does it work

While playing the games, ads run seamlessly in the background, they are interruption-free and no irritating pop-up ads are to be seen. Skedadle then redirects the ad revenue from your gaming session back to you, which is pretty simple and ingenious if you ask me. So the more you play the more you earn, although there is a daily cap. 

How much can you make?

The maximum daily amount you can make at this point is £2 which doesn't sound like a lot but quickly adds up, that is around £60 per month or £730 per year, for playing games! You can also add an extra 50p for each friend you get skedadling. 


What games can I play?

Skedadle hosts an array of mini-games and regularly introduces new games so you don't get bored, plus they also have a leaderboard element if you're feeling extra competitive.

At the moment the mini-games available are

4096 - a simple numbers game that is rather addictive and one of my favourite mini-games

Slide - a tile puzzle game which is pretty challenging 

Brix - a ball and brick-hitting game

Flappydadle - a take on the classic that is flappy bird, another favourite

Invaderz - their take on the classic space shooting game

Finga Ninja - a fun fighting game at speed

Scramble  - a timed take on the word game scrabble 

Snake - heading back into the 90s with this classic

Stackit - a speedy block-stacking game 

How to withdraw your earnings?

You can withdraw earnings as soon as you have earned £5 which really won't take long! The app's payout system is secure and seamless and pays directly into your bank account. They process their payouts at the end of every month and you can withdraw earnings up to midnight on the last day of the month and your payment will be received into your bank account on the first business day of the following month. 

Skedadle app

My experience with Skedadle

I think it's a great app for earning a little extra money on the side and there is no minimum commitment in any way, you can just play here and there when you have time and earn on the go. So far I've earned just under £12 and I hope to earn around £50 before the end of November which I am putting aside for some extra Christmas treats. Once I cash that out I will be putting my Skedadel earnings towards some travel plans I have next year.

The games are fun and simple to grasp but there is also enough choice that you don't get bored too quickly. You can also switch them off quickly should someone call your phone. I find its really easy to use while commuting on the train or bus, while waiting for the kids or grabbing a few minutes while having a cup of coffee. 

The app can be used by those who are 13yrs+ which means it's also a useful pocket money tool for older children and students. 

The app also runs special offers for it's members such as money off products or free trials for things which is a nice additional feature. 

The app is currently only available to the UK so you cannot play while you are overseas but apparently, they are looking into launching further afield. 

My experience has so far been a very positive one and while it's not a big earner it is an easy and fun way to make a little extra money and it's something I would recommend giving a go. 

*This is a collaboration with Skedadle - words are 100% my own & I was already a Skedadle user before collaborating with them


  1. This sounds fully awesome! I love that the app even has periodic specials for memebers.

  2. I like that this app can be used by teens. Its a great way for them to earn a little extra!

  3. This sounds very intruiging and an easy way to make some extra cash, which we could all do with.

  4. Marie Cris Angeles26 September 2023 at 14:01

    Never heard about this SKEDADLE. But, This is interesting! Sounds like a great app.

  5. If you can earn a little extra just by playing some games that seems like a win win. I may need to download the app and give it a go x

  6. The fact that it's completely free to use and offers real money rewards for playing games is fantastic. Plus, the seamless ad integration without annoying pop-ups is a big win. With a daily cap of £2 and the opportunity to earn even more by referring friends, Skedadle seems like a must-try app for those looking to boost their income. Time to skedaddle to some gaming fun and extra pounds in your pocket!

  7. Sounds like a very interesting concept! Who doesn't love playing games and earning while doing so sounds like great incentive. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I haven’t heard of Skedaddle but I’d like to try it. I never say no to earning some money on the side! I see if I can get it too.

  9. This sounds like it would be a very great app to try. It's always good to be able to earn a little extra cash and it sounds like this would be a fun way to do it.

  10. This app looks really good to earn some extra money. I don’t think we have this app here in our country as of now.

  11. I have heard of more of these apps popping up here and there - and it sounds too good to be true! Thank you for the breakdown - it's easier to trust things like this when you hear from real people and their experiences.

  12. What a neat idea! I am definitely interested in checking this out. It is nice to have some ways to make some extra cash.

  13. This sounds like a great way to earn a little extra cash whilst having some fun.


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