Create a Conscious Closet: How to Get Sustainable Shapewear



The world is changing and the reality is that our actions can and do have an impact. We all know we need to do our bit and thankfully there are more eco-friendly choices when it comes to retail and fashion than before, including outdoor and activewear.

We all know that fast fashion has contributed towards some of the pollution we are seeing but the thing is fast fashion is often cheaper and with so many feeling the pinch in the cost of living, it can often be the only choice for many families, but luckily that is changing.

It is really good to see that not only are many fashion brands are focusing on being more sustainable in regards to things like the packaging they use and the materials and manufacturing processes they use but consumers are also changing the way they shop, including buying a lot more second hand than before.

Things like organic white tees have been on the market for years but now you can get pretty much anything with lower carbon footprint, from winter jackets made from plastic bottles to running shoes, joggers and even waist trainer vendors now in the shapewear industry are also following this path.

How to create a conscious activewear closet

If you are looking into ways to be more sustainable and want to contribute to taking care of our planet and still want to feel good when you are out and about, on a hike or just heading to meet friends, then here are some tips.

The first thing you have to do is a little bit of research to see what brands offer sustainable pieces or how you can source the brands you love second-hand. You also may want to look into brand reputation, are they just trying to greenwash or do they actually seem like they want to make fundamental and long-term changes to becoming more sustainable. 

Also look at market leaders, such as Patagonia, who while are on the pricey end there are more budget-friendly companies that are taking a similar approach. Once you have found the right brand to buy from, you need to think about the occasions you are going to wear your pieces. You also need to make sure under what pieces of clothing you are going to wear them.

Another key element is starting to shop second-hand, not only will you find things at a much better price, but often garments are unworn or in mint condition but it also means reusing or rehoming clothing instead of it going to a landfill. 

There are pieces like, for example, a built-in shaper dress, that is sustainable and will also make you look and feel amazing with it on. Perhaps you are simply trying to upgrade your wardrobe slowly and just want a few small pieces such as socks, that are breathable, and long-lasting but also low-impact.

Another way to support small businesses and independent artists is to order tee's from a platform that allows them to showcase their art such as Tee Public where local artists can upload and sell their illustrations on an array of clothing, they ship worldwide including the UK and have FREE US shipping for orders $80+ at Tee Public


Why is it important to choose sustainable activewear?

Choosing sustainable activewear is important because we are at a turning point where we need to do what we can to ensure a future for our children and this planet and even the smallest change can have a ripple effect.

We also need to start taking responsibility for ourselves and how we purchase things, for me personally I have switched to purchasing most items second-hand and upcycling pieces as well as wearing things for a lot longer than before.

Buying pieces that are sustainable will not only create less waste but are much more durable and you won’t need to buy pieces that often.

It goes without saying that when you feel that you won’t wear a piece anymore, don’t throw it away, just gift it to someone in your family or any of your friends or donate it to someone in need. This way you are giving the pieces a second life but also you are giving someone the chance to wear something they couldn’t before. 

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