Travelling With Friends? Here's How to Balance Fun and Safety


Travelling with friends

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Planning a trip with your friends as opposed to just your immediate family sounds like an exciting process and honestly, group trips are great for encouraging new friendships and strengthening your bond while travelling around the world.  It can be an amazing fun-filled adventure but that often comes down to how well-prepared and planned you are.

One should never compromise safety for the sake of fun. There are a few things that you should always keep in mind while on a long trip. So, if you're going on a trip to, let's say, Paris or even further afield like Florida, here are a few safety tips you should follow

Stay Connected With Each Other

While it may sound very basic, many people forget to carry their phones at all times when travelling with their group. And that can put that person at risk just in case he or she gets lost along the way. So, before you head out to explore, pair up each traveller. Make sure everybody has each other's numbers to stay connected and, if possible, always travel in a group, especially if you've decided to head out at night.

Stay connected


Share Your Location With Family Members

If you're on a long travel schedule, it is advised to give your family members an idea of where you're going and when. When we recently headed on our interrail I printed out my rough itinerary & accommodation booking details for my mother so she had some idea of our location, both for her peace of mind as well as an extra level of safety. This is especially important when you are travelling with a group that also has additional people joining you at a later point or if you're going to a place that you have never been to before.

Pick Hotels Smartly

Being safe on your trip starts before you fly out. Choose a reliable and safe hotel or a rental property that has real customer reviews and a good cancellation policy. Before you book rooms, make sure you carefully research the hotel and its neighbourhood area and depending on your location avoid booking outside of established companies. As said make sure you read online reviews on different websites for the hotel or rental property you plan to book and talk to your friends and extended family members to get recommendations for reliable accommodation places. Also, try to book rooms in a group so that you get rooms on the same floor.

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Balance Fun & Safety

Most group trips are incomplete without some planned activities, eating out, and perhaps even some partying, especially in a group of younger friends. It goes without saying that it is vital to watch your alcohol intake or any drugs you're consuming to ensure things don't get out of hand and be sure not to travel under the influence of alcohol or any other drug as you can get charged with a DUI case. Any kind of mishap, an argument with locals or a driving issue can seriously spoil your trip. Just in case you get in such a situation, have contacts of the local embassy which will get you in touch with criminal defense attorneys who will fight for you in case you have some kind of legal issues while away from home. These professionals also offer free consultations if you just want to discuss your case and get an overview of the entire legal process.

Have Emergency Contacts

Anytime you are travelling overseas or away from home, to a completely different place, it is important to be safe and alert at all times and always take out travel insurance, do not skimp on that. Also having some emergency contacts such as the local police or hospital number on hand is key in order to handle any last-minute changes or issues.

Final Word

Travelling with friends can be such a fun and even life-changing experience. It is a great way to bridge the gap between enjoying the feel of a solo trip and the package of a group's safety and security. Yet, everyone in the group needs to ensure that they take proper safety precautions along the way. This way, not only will you have peace of mind, but you will also be able to enjoy your trip more. So, next time you head on to another trip, consider the above-mentioned tips to strike the perfect balance of fun and safety.

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