Exploring Melincourt Falls in Neath Port Talbot


Melincourt Waterfalls

One of our favourite things to do is discover what is on our doorstep and while Resolven in Neath Port Talbot may not be just around the corner, the 45min drive over the Rhigos mountain was very scenic and the Neath Valley, in general, is one I want to explore more. 

I often feel that the South Wales Valleys are overlooked in general, which is a shame as they are packed with fantastic hikes, mountains and hidden gems, although the plus side to that is it's usually very quiet, unlike parts of the Brecon Beacons, Cardiff of the welsh coastline. 

While many will know of the famous waterfall walk in the Brecon Beacons there are some equally impressive waterfalls just outside of the national park, Melincourt being one of them and is more family-friendly than some which require a bit more endurance. Melincourt is only a few minutes away from the town of Resolven, which you drive through en route to the free public car park off the B4434 road. Do not take the Waterfall road on a steep incline, which your GPS may send you on, the carpark is just off the main road past Resolven and you do not need to turn off it.  

Once you have parked up, you cross the road and follow a footpath up beside a small white building, it is signposted so you shouldn't have an issue getting started in the right direction. From the car park to the falls only takes around 15 min along this footpath which is flat in most parts with only a gentle incline. While it is suitable for all ages including younger children, please be aware there are some steep drops down the gorge, which follows the Melincour brook,  so make sure to hold tight to younger children at these points. I would also advise decent walking boots or wellies especially if it's been raining as it will be muddy in parts. 

Melincourt Waterfall

The trail is very pretty, surrounded by luscious welsh woodland and forest and with the stream running right next to you, it makes for a lovely family walk, especially as it's not too taxing on the young or old. Around halfway towards the falls, the path will split into two, one will be stairs heading to the top of the gorge and the one you are on straight towards the falls. 

As you get closer to the falls you will start to hear the roar of the water as this 80 feet (24 m) high falls is impressive, to say the least. I would recommend going just after it's rained as you will be in for a real treat as the power from these falls is quite incredible, even standing at quite a distance it sends out some serious spray. 

If you. like Geocaching there are also two geocaches nearby and you can also extend your walk by taking the path upwards at the halfway point or walking along the tow path in Resolven.

Melincourt Falls


  1. I love a good hike and one with a waterfall is that much more spectacular. This looks and sounds like a wonderful place! So great to get out into nature as much as possible!

  2. We often went on vacation to Wales when I still was a kid. I remember going to the Swallow Falls, but haven't heard of those Melincourt Falls

  3. That's worth the footwalk. How wonderful to see a real waterfall. I've only seen man made.

  4. Having a forest walk near a babbling stream sounds really relaxing and lovely! It's great to be getting out and exploring nature.

  5. I need to go exploring more, and places where it's more family friendly is probably best for me as I'm not a strong hiker or climber. Sounds like a lovely place to spend some time x

  6. It looks so beautiful there. We love Wales, but haven't been for ages. I feel an adventure coming on... :-)

  7. I love exploring waterfalls like this one. Having a place like this in my hometown would be awesome.

  8. Looks very beautiful and peaceful there. What a lovely place to check out...I'd love to visit.


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