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Luckily I've never had to deal with more than very minor issues when it comes to fire although I once had to evacuate my house for a short time as my neighbour had a fire in her kitchen & smoke was coming into my home. I've also been one of those travellers who has had to stand outside the hotel because someone set the fire alarm off due to smoking in their room (which of course you can't do). But since having kids, fire safety has become even more of a priority and not just in our own homes but also when we are travelling. 

Fires can occur in any kind of property, from your home to a school, workplace or even a hotel, so having basic knowledge of fire safety, improving safety in your home and what to do in an emergency is so important. Here are a few ways to make sure your home and travels are safer

1. Install a fire alarm & make sure your holiday property has one

Firstly fit at least one smoke alarm in your home, preferably two (one on each level). It's the easiest way to protect your home and family and they are both cheap and easy to install. If you are travelling, especially if you are using sites light Airbnb, make sure to get in touch with the owner to check if the property has been fitted with a fire alarm and it may also be worth asking if they have done a proper fire risk assessment of the property, something which they are responsible to do but it's always monitored with individual holiday rentals. 

2. Establish an escape route

While most hotels have the fire escape route placed in your room (usually behind the door), you should also have a plan for your home and every family member should be aware of it. The escape route should be straight forward and keeping that route clear daily is key. Unlike the home Hotels have fire doors which add an extra level of protection and should have regular checks and a fire door survey done. 

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3. Make sure both you and your children know basic fire safety

You and your children so know how to dial 999 and make an emergency call and if there is smoke to keep low where the air is clearer. You should both also know the Stop, Drop and Roll technique should your clothes catch fire as running around makes the flames worse, what you need to do is immediately lie down and roll around. 

4. Don't overload plugs

Electrical fires happen more than you think and can occur both at home or when travelling. There are simple ways to prevent them such as not overloading extension plugs and unplugging small appliances when not in use

5. Have a nighttime checklist

You are more at risk of a fire when you are asleep, so doing a nighttime check before you go to bed can really help reduce the chance of fire by doing a few simple things. 

1. Turning off and unplugging electrical appliances, including your cooker, unless they were designed to be left on, such as a fridge or freezer. The same goes when you are travelling, try not to leave phones or cameras charging in your hotel room overnight. 

2. Make sure things like candles are fully blown out and turn off your heaters.

3. Make sure exits are clear and know where your door and window keys are, both in your home or while you are travelling, especially if you are hiring an apartment or Airbnb

It's surprising how many people don't do this but in an emergency having clear exists and being able to access your front and back door keys are essential so you can get out quickly

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  1. Fire safety is so important!!! I've just replaced my fire detector after reading this, thanks for sharing.



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