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There are a few essential car skills we should all know before heading out on a road trip. I have talked before about maintenance checks you must do before any long driving adventure but also have basic skills you should know just in case such as being able to check your oil and water, change a flat tyre and how to jumpstart your car should you get a flat battery. 

Another skill that could prove to be very useful and save you money is learning when it’s time to replace 2018 wiper blades, the process is surprisingly easy. 

Take on this DIY maintenance task in the comfort of your garage to keep your windshield clear as you drive.

Steps To Change Your Wiper Blades

Some maintenance projects are difficult to handle without the right tools and experience. Others, like replacing windshield wipers, can be accomplished in very little time. Typically, replacing windshield wipers doesn’t require any tools.

Start by making sure you purchase or order the right pair of windshield wipers for your car. Vehicles use many different lengths of wipers to match their windshield, and wipers have different endpoints to connect to wiper arms. Match these with your existing pair of wiper blades to ensure a secure fit.

Find out how to remove your wiper blades by carefully inspecting them. Some have small stoppers, while others have pins or clips. Remove the old wipers and replace the new ones, making sure to use the same length of parts.

Check to see that the components are secure before trying them out. Turn on your windshield washer fluid and wipers to test their movement and see that they remain secure. If they aren’t moving properly across your windshield, you may not have them installed correctly. There may also be an issue with the lower arm or motor of your wipers.

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Why Are Wiper Blades Important?

If you have worn-out wiper blades, then you know how they can affect your vision and driving safety. Windshield wipers are essential for clearing your windshield and keeping your front sight lines clear.

Snow, rain or other weather issues can reduce your field of vision while you drive, but they can make it extremely difficult to see at all if you don’t have effective windshield wipers. Dust, mud, dirt and debris can also cake your windshield and limit your vision.

How To Keep Wiper Blades in Good Condition

Keep your Forester maintained with a new set of wiper blades in good condition. The best step you can take to keep your wipers in good condition is to replace them every six to 12 months. All windshield wipers wear out over time, causing the rubber to break down, streak against your windshield and fail to keep your vision clear.

You can also extend the lifetime of your wiper blades by avoiding excessive use. Frequently wash your windshield with a cloth or brush, rather than relying on your wipers to handle all the work. Similarly, brush off excessive snow and ice before turning on your windshield wipers.

Consider investing in a high-quality set of blades to improve their expected lifetime. Beam-style wipers typically last longer than conventional ones, and some brands promote longer lifetimes or longer warranties.

Where To Find Reliable Wiper Blades

Whether you’re looking to the future or need a new set of blades today, find great deals at a highly rated auto parts store near you. Match blades with your 2018 Subaru Forester to ensure the right fit and a long lifetime. Find windshield wipers near me to accomplish an essential maintenance task.

Staying on top of your car maintenance is so important as it can save you so much money, time and hassle as breaking down when your on a road trip is no fun and I know, it's happened to me more than once. 

road trip

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