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outdoor childhood

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It goes without saying that the last 18 months have been a big adjustment to all of us and lockdown in one way or another had an effect on all our lives. While many memories were made, unexpected moments of joy and kindness during a trying year, there were also milestones, events and gatherings that were missed. Weddings were cancelled, grandparents being able to hold their grandchildren for the first time, celebrating birthdays without friends, which was the case for my eldest who had a lockdown birthday. 

But that's the beauty of technology and digital photography today, we can quickly share memories with others at the touch of a finger and despite it all, I look back on so many photos I've taken over the past year with a lot of fondness and joy as they remind me of how resilient we all are, about the good times we have had despite everything and how important family is, near or far.

My love for photography goes way back, in fact, I did a degree in Photography so it's always held a special place in my heart as images are just amazing at bringing back so many memories. My two sons also took an interest in it over the past year and I've taught them how to use my SLR camera and it's great to see their view on nature and the world around us. 

Sunset hour

One of the things I plan to do this Christmas is make a photo book for my mum, who has always been my support system, a great grandmother and always on the end of the phone for a chat and advice. Before the pandemic my youngest would go to her once a week, they would bake, go to museums and on walks and I know she missed this a lot when the lockdowns prevented us from seeing her in person and as you get older you realise you cannot get that time back, but at least I documented a lot of it with photos and photo printing these days is quick & cost-efficient that getting my favourites printed out is really easy.

For so many of us, our photos only live on our phones or computers but creating something like a personalised photo book or having prints made, or big poster prints or canvas for the wall brings those memories to life and is a lovely way to share them. I usually get a photo book made once every few years just for myself as I love to see how much my boys have changed and grown and as I hope we never have to live through another lockdown there were lots of very special moments and for me, it's one of the most sentimental gifts you can give. 

outdoor childhood

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  1. Photo books are always a great Christmas (or anytime) gift! Love looking back on memories

    Jess x


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