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When it comes to your entrepreneurial spirit, sometimes, finding a direction is as hard as making good on one and finding success there. However, it can also be that if you have something to share, or skill to impart, you will find your way naturally. Understanding that can grant you no uncertain amount of motivation, because in the long run, you will begin to see the possibilities open up.

If you are seasoned travellers like us, it can be nice to understand how to share your adventures with others. A great idea to get started is to run your own travel blog. The more the merrier in this space, as far as we are concerned! So, what does that mean in a practical sense? Is it possible to consider running a travel blog as a business instead of a place to simply post your thoughts? Well, of course, to a certain degree quality blogs can be monetized. Let’s consider some worthwhile tips to help you out in this direction, potentially helping your dream become a reality:

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Worthwhile Hosting & Layout

Hosting your own blog requires dedicated server hosting and a domain name people can trust in. People often enjoy using template sites or content publishing platforms such as Blogger,  Squarespace or WordPress for this. Choose your domain name, one that will be easy to remember. And also, ensure your content is readable, using the right fonts at the right size. This can help you avoid making your text hard to digest or understand. Furthermore, make sure your blog is easily laid out, that it’s navigable, and that the photography is attractive. This way, you will attract and retain visitors in the long run.

Consider Your Niche

Considering your niche is also important. What can your travel blog offer that others may not? For instance, if you are a disabled person who regularly uses a wheelchair, a travel blog detailing accessibility and travel advice in that vein could help you give your own, highly useful and practical advice. These are the kinds of perspectives that can generate interest, and more than that, they can educate those of us who might not share that experience. Consider your niche - it will no doubt help.

Set up Social Media Channels

Having social media channels connected to your blog is a great way to raise awareness and drive traffic to your blog posts. You want to keep everything preferably the same name with the same logo so that it's clear who you are. I would recommend that every blog should also have an associated Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 

Have decent equipment

You don't have to go out and spend a fortune, in fact, these days so much content is made just using a phone but I would recommend a decent camera, one that takes decent photos and quality video as a lot of travel blogging involves some video creation. You can pick up good quality cameras second hand and do your research first as you don't have to spend loads but it's important to be able to consistently produce sharp images. 

Manage Practical Elements

Manage the practical elements of your brand. This is a worthwhile use of your time, because it helps you not only generate content but also more easily format that content and how you manage your entire project. For instance, business services for home office use that includes the chance to register a physical address, or develop your own comprehensive, secured inbox for correspondence can be a great use of your time. Furthermore, managing your content publishing platform of choice with delayed posts and careful measures of that nature can make a massive difference going forward - and may even help you come away with something quite positive in the short-term.

With this advice, we hope you can run your own travel column and blog in the best possible context.

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  1. I can't imagine how exciting it must be to run your own travel blog, just amazing...

    1. Thanks Chad - do you have a blog? Would love to read it

      Laura x

  2. Love this. And good hosting is a MUST, you have to find a host you vibe with.

  3. So many awesome tips here on running a travel blog! I would love love love to travel more and be travel blogger, its like my two favorite things!

  4. Whoa. This would be so helpful when people can travel once more and produce quality blogs. Thanks for this.

  5. These are nice and needful tips on starting a successful travel blog.

  6. I always want to write about my trips experience in blog, but don't know how to start. Read your article giving me inspiration how to start. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Such great tips on starting a travel blog!

  8. These are helpful tips for those who wants to start a travel blog! I think investing in decent equipment is a must for travel content.

  9. Great tips! Travel blogs are popular these days. I just hope that the pandemic will be over so we can get a glimpse of beautiful places through blogs :)


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