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#AD I’m working in a paid relationship with MAOAM promoting its Mischief Hub that’s filled with mischievous fun to keep you entertained at home. Get ideas at

The boys and I love getting up to mischief, so when I was asked to review the MAOAM Mischief Hub and come up with some ideas of my own, I was really excited to get involved. We enjoy playing pranks on each other (always kind-natured ones of course) and just being a little silly. One of my favourite quotes is: "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional".

In my house, I really encourage imagination and keeping an open mind even when it's a bit far-fetched. My children know many facts about life, nature and the world, but we also like to keep the door open to the fantastical and unexpected. With it nearly being summer and so much changing in our garden, we are growing many of our own veggies and herbs. There is a sense of magic in the air watching our garden come to life. The only downfall is my kids constantly pranking me with their very realistic slimy slugs. I love being outdoors but I'm not that keen on slugs to say the least! They realised long ago that fake spiders don't work as I'm not scared of spiders in the slightest but with slugs, that's another story.

pumpkin seed

During these strange times having a sense of humour has been a must, luckily I am a big child at heart so that comes pretty easy and I always try and join in with the fun when we make dens, you can bet you will find me diving straight into den and fort making too. Of course like I said we keep everything light-hearted, doing nothing that makes another person feel bad or is unkind in any way.

As the boys are both very keen gardeners and are looking forward to the summer solstice I thought I'd see what they thought of planting a Donught sweet plant, a rare mysterious plant that grows doughnuts and sweets because as well all know you can only plant a doughnut plant the week before summer and on odd years only, so with it being 2020 now was the time *wink wink*

Of course, they were both a little sceptical with my eldest half thinking it was a joke while the other half of him was definitely hoping to wake up to doughnuts in the morning, while my youngest was very excited at the prospect of growing doughnuts and eating them of course

sweet tree


So I got a pot and soil ready for them and I had two giant pumpkin seeds which they sowed in the pot before heading up to bed, not sure what to expect in the morning. When they came down in the morning of course, they were very happy to find small plant adorned with mini doughnuts and their favourite MAOAM Stripes and Pinballs, which are just the chewiest fruit-flavoured treats out there in my opinion! Needless to say, whether they thought it was real or not, joke or not, I was winning with the breakfast fun because every now and then we need to break from routine and just have a bit of silliness. This may even become a bit of a family tradition as it certainly went down well.

If you're feeling like you’d like some inspiration, do check out the MAOAM Mischief Hub filled with tons of ideas on keeping the laughs coming. They are also running a competition to win some MAOAM goodies by sharing your pranks on social media using #MAOAMmischief.

Maoam sweets


  1. Haha. What a perfect idea to keep everyone entertained. I have 3 youn people here who love Maoam sweets (and doughnuts) this is great fun.

  2. I love this! We love a bit of far fatched imagination in our house too. At Christmas we planted real sprouts and overnight they turned into chocolate ones!

  3. The Mischief Hub sounds like it is jam packed full of ideas! We will definitely be checking it out - we're super fans of Maoams in our house.

  4. John and Erin would love to do things like this. They're always up to mischief!

  5. I love this! My kids would love a magic doughnut plant. I'm a big fan of Maoam, having grown up in Germany where it's one of the main brands of sweets.

  6. This is such a lovely idea. The doughnut tree is brilliant and the Mischief Hub sounds perfect for keeping kids busy over the summer

  7. That is such a fun idea. I would have never thought of it! So clever!

  8. I LOVE your doughnut tree!! so much fun!


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