5 real changes we can make for a more sustainable future


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Despite the stressful and scary situation the virus has put the world in, I also feel there are some positives to all of this, for many self-quarantine and lockdown has given us all a lot of time to reflect on how we want to move forward post Covid-19 and it's also been pretty clear how our lifestyles and general society affects the earth. This strange time has allowed for some breathing space for mother nature, who seems to be really benefitting from fewer cars on the road, factories being shut temporarily, less noise and air pollution which has also meant a reduction in carbon dioxide which contributes towards problems such as global warming. People are noticing more birds in the sky, more wildlife returning to green spaces and places like Venice where the canals have slowly started to become clearer, have seen a return in a variety of sea creatures and birds to the canals.

While there is a strong and ever-growing movement towards sustainability before the virus I'm hoping this is going to grow ten-fold with more individuals and communities committing to a more environmentally friendly way of life in a modern workable way.  So I thought I would share 5 commitments we can all make towards a more sustainable future.

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1. Commit to using reusables

I've mentioned this a few times on the blog but it's just such an easy swap and really there is no need for single-use coffee cups and water bottles anymore. You don't need to go out and spend a lot on fancy reusables, just find something that works, personally, I love my Keep Cup,  just make sure to pop it into your bag each time you leave the house as well as a reusable water bottle and you can take it one step further and carry your own set of cutlery as well if you wish, bamboo ones are super light.

2. Walk and Cycle more

I haven't driven in weeks and it's been really refreshing, along with only relying on my local corner shop for essentials. It's made me realise that even though I don't drive a lot there are still journeys I could cut out. I think we can all commit to walking, cycling and using public transport a lot more moving forward. I'm lucky to live near a national cycle route as well as clearly marked cycle paths so I have my eye on a family tricycle from Jorvik which could be used for shopping trips, school pick-ups or trips to the local park, meaning fazing out driving for all those things.

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3. Travel sustainably

As I said above we should be walking and cycling more as well as using public transport but with so many of us travelling further distances and wanting to explore this beautiful world we also need to take into account of how to do that as sustainability as possible. There are going to be times when flying is unavoidable for a variety of reasons such as cost, time etc but if you can take alternatives do. Also staying at hotels with good ethical standing or trying somewhere off-grid or perhaps going with a local Airbnb so you are giving back to the local community. There are a variety of ways to make your travels and holidays more sustainable, simply do your research.

4. Shop locally

Again this is something I have mentioned before but I feel like lockdown has really opened peoples eyes to what is on their doorstep and how many essentials they can pick up locally from food to clothes and even home and garden supplies as well as individual small business - not only does this reduce millage and carbon footprint but helps to give back to the community you live in.

5. Only buy what you need

I really think as a society we need to start adopting the less is more ethos especially when it comes to things like fast fashion or non-recyclable goods and invest in what lasts longer than things that will end up in landfill within a year (or less) of purchase. Lockdown has certainly taught me that I can go without a lot of things and despite being pretty minimalist in my approach I was also spending too much on things that I didn't really need and I feel now is a time for everyone to review how and what they choose to spend their money on.

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  1. I need to work on only buying what I actually need! That's where I struggle the most.

  2. I agree with all 5 changes and I have implemented this in our daily routine and lives. I always remind kids to bring their bottle with them so we don't end up buying one-time use plastic bottles

  3. Yes, these are all so true! I try my best to stop using plastic. I have reusable cups and items.

  4. We make it a point to always be conscious of our surroundings when we travel. I would also like to add to the reusables a steel straw or bamboo straw to carry around.

  5. We connected with a CSA while sheltering in place and it has been amazing. A local company that is helping put healthy food on tables.

  6. There are some really good ideas here for sure. I think we have deffo learnt to shop much more local now with the situation x


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