Making a Loft Bathroom Extension Feel Spacious with VELUX Roof Windows


Velux window

*This is a paid partnership with VELUX and BritMums

We all know that natural daylight and fresh air are really good for our overall wellbeing and the more we can bring these two things into our home, the better. When we were doing our loft bathroom I wanted it to make it light and airy even though the space is very small. It now feels spacious and airy due to our VELUX roof window, which floods this small space with an abundance of natural daylight, making it one of my favourite rooms in the house. I find it incredible how one small change can have such a big impact on a room but it really can!

I know sometimes people overlook bathrooms but surprisingly we spend a lot of our time each day in one and stepping into a light and airy room first thing in the morning can really help lift the spirits and prepare you for a busy day ahead. The Scandinavians are well known for their minimalist and well-designed homes that have a real focus on bringing the outdoors in, using VELUX roof windows in their kitchen extensions or loft conversions, and I can see why -- it's a trend that I am so happy is being embraced in Britain.

We used Scandi-style design in our bathroom – I love the clean, uncluttered look with simple materials – glass, stone, metal. To get this pared-back style we had to think about clever storage space and streamlining. This is especially important if you have a loft conversion bathroom like ours where the footprint of the space is a bit less typical.

In true Scandi-style, our VELUX roof windows give us treetop views outside plus there are the benefits of ventilating an area that naturally gets steamy. Inside I stripped and painted an old cabinet to make it more minimalist and suit the new feel of the space. We gave the room a lick of new paint, which helps bounce the daylight from the roof windows around the room. I also replaced knobs with some vintage ones that – while a small detail – really smartened up the overall look.

The thing is, like us, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to transform a loft bathroom into an appealing, design-forward space that you love stepping into first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The VELUX roof window configurator lets you compare different sizes and styles of roof windows as well as the cost so you can pick what’s right for your space and your pocketbook.

In the bathrooms section on the VELUX site, you can also get ideas for different approaches to open up a small room with daylight. Check out the different styles of roof windows, including VELUX INTEGRA®, which makes opening and closing your windows ridiculously easy because you can operate them at the touch of a button.
Getting inspired for your project

When it comes to our homes and interiors, being inspired by others and sharing ideas is key! I have been lucky enough to be part of this fantastic project with VELUX and 8 other amazing bloggers who have really inspired me with their stylish loft and kitchen extensions that have been transformed by using VELUX roof windows. I would love to share their spaces with you.

Stylish bathroom

I love what Catherine from Growing Family has done with her single-storey kitchen extension, using VELUX roof windows to help create an open plan family room that is flooded with natural daylight. It makes it a welcoming social space for the whole family. See more inspiration on her Pinterest Board.

Velux Kitchen

Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos is currently in the process of converting her bathroom and is aiming to create a light and airy loft bathroom. She’s using tiles and mirrors to bounce the daylight coming in through a VELUX roof window, making the room feel lighter and brighter and giving the illusion of space. She has even more inspiration on her Pinterest board.

Light bathroom

Becky from A Beautiful Space has transformed her kitchen with a VELUX roof window. It’s added an abundance of daylight and has made the whole mood of the home feel lighter. What a stylish space to eat breakfast or enjoy a glass of wine. Do check out more inspiration over on her Pinterest Board.

Kitchen windows

Gill from A Baby on Board has completely changed her home with a loft conversion, using VELUX roof windows to help transform an unused space into a light and airy master bedroom with an open plan office! She also has some fantastic tips on planning your own loft conversion, so do pop by her blog and have a read as well as checking out her Pinterest board.

Loft room

Jenni from Chilling with Lucas has used VELUX roof windows to help create a bright and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen, making it the heart of the home for cooking up a family meal or just catching up with friends. She has also felt the positives of starting each day with natural daylight in her single storey bedroom extension rather than using unnatural lights. Check her Pinterest board.

modern kitchen

Emma from Mummy..Mummy..MUM! has a wonderful loft conversion that she uses as a playroom (don't we all wish we had a dedicated playroom!). Thanks to the VELUX roof window they have installed, this space is full of natural light making it a great place for kids to come and play or just chill out with their friends. See her Pinterest board for more ideas.

Loft playroom

Clare from Maybush Studios is just embarking on her own journey to brighten up her daughter's bedroom by adding a pair of VELUX roof windows. She’s seen the huge impact they have made with her own parent's loft conversion so was inspired to do the same in her home. Pop by her inspiring blog filled with gorgeous photography as well as her Pinterest board.

Loft extension

Chrissy from Organise my House has had a real transformation since putting in VELUX roof windows into her single-story kitchen extension. It now floods the space with daylight and makes it is a place her family want to spend time together. Head to her blog to see what a big impact it's made to her home as well as her Pinterest board.


Simple kitchen

When it comes to my own bathroom, that’s now a space I enjoy and want to relax in. There is nothing nicer than a long bath in a natural light-filled room, just taking it easy and enjoying the simple things in life. There are still a few changes I have in mind for my bathroom, to help streamline it even more and create that Scandi-haven I have always wanted, but one thing is for sure: we love the bright, light feel our VELUX roof window has given our bathroom.

WIN with BritMums & VELUX

Now it’s your chance to win with BritMums and VELUX roof windows. All you need to do is create your own Pinterest mood board showing how VELUX roof windows bring daylight and fresh air into homes. This could include pictures of your own home, ideas for a renovation project you are planning or inspiration from elsewhere.

There are £800 worth of prizes available (1 * £200 John Lewis Voucher and 8 * £75 John Lewis Voucher). The competition will launch on 23rd April on BritMums website and Pinterest.

*This is a paid partnership with VELUX and Britmums


  1. Our bathroom is so dark and gloomy and it really does make a difference to how we feel about using it! I think adding a VELUX roof window would make a huge amount of difference to our space

    1. Yes it makes a huge difference - so much natural light comes in now

      Laura x

  2. It's amazing what a difference VELUX roof windows can make isn't it - putting one in our tiny loft bathroom has made it feel so much bigger and brighter!

  3. What a fabulous competition!

  4. I am loving looking at all these gorgeous daylight filled spaces!

  5. Having lots of daylight makes such a difference to how you feel doesn't it? And if you have a great view should should make the most if it x

  6. Loving this room so much! - really bright and airy

  7. Having natural daylight makes such a difference. The roof window configurator is a fab tool

  8. I agree with your comment about steam. Opening a roof window to let steam out works far better than any extractor fan I've used.

  9. I love how much light that brings to a room! It really changes the look and feel of the space.

  10. I love how much daylight there is in this space! And all the painted wood, gorgeous x

  11. I love windows in the roof like this! We don't have any in our current house, but I want them in the next one. Luckily, though, our house is designed in a way that we get a lot of natural light.

  12. I love natural light! So naturally I am pro windows! These are gorgeous and amazing and really add so much to a room!

  13. I have a very dark alley in my house that I have been trying to convert to an indoor garden. I love the idea of the roof windows to make the space brighter and also let natural sunlight in to help keep my plants alive.

  14. Oh I love all these rooms so much. When we buy a house depending on how the lightening is I could totally see us adding windows in like this.

  15. I love natural light in the house. Skylights are such a great way to add light to a dark place or in the middle of the house.

  16. Wow, I can't get over how nice an light it is now that you have added the windows! We could use that in our house!!

  17. these are awesome tips! I love how it turned out!

  18. Wow, that added natural light makes such a huge difference! All of these spaces are inspirations.

  19. Awesome! And I especially love those roof windows in the kitchen, they're really something special.

  20. Wow, loved this idea of installing Velux roof windows <3 I love it when the natural daylight makes my rooms brighter and warm!

  21. what an amazing way of making a room seem more spacious and luminous! It's really great!

  22. This can make such a difference in terms of light and the feeling of space in a bathroom for sure xx

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    like myself, just pay a visit this web page all the time since it provides feature contents, thanks


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