Smooth Legs? Simple shaving hacks for busy women


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Being a feminist and a supporter of woman doing what they feel is right for themselves and their bodies is very important to me, so should you embrace body hair I applaud you, I have gone through fazes of doing this although at other times I like to have smooth legs - the choice is yours. If you do like having smooth legs for summer then here are a few easy hacks to achieve this no matter how busy you are.

Shaving (should you do it) doesn't have to be a necessary evil and with all the fancy razors and shaving accessories out there on the market it can be difficult to know if what you’re purchasing will work for you or just end up being costly and a waste of time and you might be wondering what you need to know about hair removal. Knowing the basics will have real results no matter if your razor is budget friendly or high end.

So, with that in mind, these super simple tips, should have you one step closer to a more silky finish.

1. Never dry shave!

Many of us have learnt the hard way, I know I have, and when your busy or in a rush it seems like a good idea but it never really is. Dry shaving only leads to cuts, grazes and skin irritation so you should always try to soak your legs and the hairs beforehand. Some skin experts recommend shaving towards the end of your bath or shower time, just so your skin will have had enough time to soften. When your hairs are hydrated, they’re easier to cut. It’s that simple!

2. Exfoliate

This is something personally I have overlooked for a longtime because 90% of the time I am in a rush  but it really is worth it. Exfoliating before you shave helps in removing all the dead skin cells on your legs will stop them getting clogged in your razor. Then you’ll get a much closer, and better shave - makes so much sense right?

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3. Replace your razors regularly

If you find you have to apply intense pressure to make your razor work, then chances are that your
blades or the whole razor if it’s a disposable one, needs replacing. When you shave your razor
should glide across your skin and remove hairs with very little pressure. So if you’re pushing into
your skin then change them asap!

4. The direction

There are many disputes about which direction you should shave in. However, general consensus is
that you should shave against the direction of hair growth. So, as the hairs on your leg grow
downwards you should shave upwards to get the best possible shave. Starting from the ankle and
making your way (gently) towards your knees.

Don’t be afraid to bend!

We’re so used to seeing glossy commercials of models shaving their glistening legs with a pointed
toe – that they don’t give a very accurate blueprint for us real ladies. When it comes to
areas like you knees that are bumpy, uneven surfaces with folds of skin, it’s not as simple as bending
over gracefully and tickling the skin with your disposable. Don’t be afraid to move your body as
needed to reach those tricky areas! When you get to your knees for example – bend them! It’ll make
the area flatter and easier to cover with your razor.

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  1. I am so bad at shaving, I do it dry regularly and then it itches always and never know the right direction. Thanks for these tips

  2. I used to be terrible at dry shaving and I used to be so bumpy and itchy constantly! These are great tips, thanks for sharing.

  3. Very useful tips. I made the mistake of dry shaving my legs once when I was a teenager - never again! So sore and itchy afterwards!

  4. Great tips for those starting out or for those who aren't as regular with their shaving routine. If you do it often enough it just becomes second nature doesnt it xxx

  5. Great tips. I sometimes forget to shave my legs because my hairs are so fine and fair.

  6. I have the most strangest hair growth on my outside never grows but the inside does... I should really exfoliate before shaving, I find thepat shaving creams help for a smoother skin and shave too

  7. Thanks for these tips, I will definitely try them out! I am so bad at shaving and either end up cutting my legs or they don't feel smooth at all even after shaving!

  8. I also read you should never use shower gel but a proper shaving gel too - cannot remember why though LOL

  9. I dry shaved once...big big mistake that I definitely won’t be repeating anytime soon:-)


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