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The occasional bug, spider or little insect invading your home isn't anything too alarming. The warmer environment after we move from winter into spring, weather changes or an open door could have given them the perfect opportunity to rummage and explore. It's when they're frequent your home that you should show concern.

As long as you deal with the issue early on and don't let it become a problem but you and your home will be fine, saying that however if you allow pests of any kind to run rampant in your home not only do you risk the spreading of diseases but also possible structural damage to your house.

Having gone through many home renovations with my parents as I grew up and having helped John finished off his last home as well as nearly completing the house we currently own I thought I would share a few facts about possible pests you need to look out for and provide some solutions on how to keep them at bay, especially if you travel a lot and your not always home.

Common household pests include:

While many on this list are just irritating rather than causing a real issue the same cannot be said for termites which can shake the very foundation of your home. Or, how bed bugs can lead to a full sweep and removal of furniture, clothes, and other items throughout your home. So as I said don't leave things until too late, rather deal with the problem straight away. 


It's no easy feat eliminating them one-by-one. If you were to peel back the walls, then you'd be in for a surprise with how many critters are lurking. Plus, let's not forget what's coming in from outside!

How to Eliminate Unwanted Insect Guests

Minor infestations are easily manageable using insecticides, repellants, and traps found at your local hardware store. The main areas to look out for are attic crawlspaces, openings to the home, damp basement quarters and inside cabinets and storage areas
Got yourself a bigger problem? Then consider location as different places have different pests. You also need to consider your budget and whether to try deal with it your self or use a professional service.
It's best to understand the environment to create a better plan of action. Knowing the locale and the pests in your area will help eliminate these vermin before during peak seasons (where it truly becomes a pain in the rear). The pest control services in Northern Virginia will target different critters native to the area compared to those you'd find in different parts of North & South American and then again to those pests that causes issues in Europe and Africa.  

Preventing Visits from Uninvited Guests

Outside, you should take an active approach to management by removing anything attractive such as avoid leaving food out which encourage pests to come.

You'll also want to seal any cracks, holes, or other openings in the outside and interior walls. These crawlspaces are the perfect opportunity for pesky pests, like termites, to make their way into the foundation where they begin to do their damage.

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Consider these actions, too:

Keep ample distance between flora and your home since pests use these spots for habitation, the last cottage we lived in had the most gorgeous ivy over the back wall but this also became an issue for spiders as they loved to live in the ivy and come into our home. Avoid leaving standing water which many pests use for a breeding environment (like mosquitoes)
When it comes to inside try doing regular, deep cleans including vacuuming, scrubbing, and dusting the hard to reach spots which will help stop them spreading, as they say prevention is better than cure.

Clean the nature you're bringing into the home if you're privy to doing crafts with plants and other found items

With Pest Control: The Sooner the Better

No one likes opening their pantry to see a roach skitter away. Or, having to hop onto the counter because you saw a mouse streak by. Having to not deal with pests is one less thing you have to worry about. It's especially less of a hassle when you're out doing travels and not having to come back to a home that's overrun by vermin! The sooner you squash the problem, the better.

What do you do to stop pests from overtaking your humble abode?

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