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A Greener home with Siemens iSensoric

Siemens washing machine

As a family we are very interested in reducing our carbon footprint, making less waste, using what we have went it comes to our food shop and not only being more frugal but also more ethical and eco aware. We have wanted to implement this right across our home and are looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption, so while it may be more ideal to hand wash our clothes - something we did do for a few months last year when our washing machine broke, it's not something that is practical when you have two young children, one of which is still using both disposable and reusable nappies. 

Saying that there are some fantastic new, low energy and highly economical washing machines out on the market, on of them being the new Siemens iSensoric which has an A+++ energy rating which is currently the best rating you can have making it incredible efficient as well as saving you money on your household bills. 

Beautiful Aesthetics, Better Washing 

So what have been our first impressions of the iSensoric, well for one it's nice and compact but also visually aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. We really like the large touch screen control panel which is both easy to use and uncomplicated, making washing a breeze. Also from a safety point of view with young children around it has a built in Child lock you can adjust to your needs as well as a load recommendation which lets you know if the machine is over or under loaded. 

washing machine

Real Results 

As any parent will know with every single wash you will be dealing with a variety of food, grass and outdoor stains across your children clothes (and most likely your own if you have a toddler deciding to rub his sticky hands into your jeans) so you need a machine that is not only economical but also gets results, so I was interested in how this machine would really stand up to the family laundry test.

Having done a few loads I can honestly say that the fact this is so energy efficient it certainly didn't compromise on the results which is fantastic as being a busy mum I certainly don't have time to rewash clothing. This machine also works out exactly how much detergent you need with the clever i-Dos function which dispenses precisely to the millilitre based on the type of fabric, size of load and degree of soiling - clever right!!

washing machine

So far we have been really impressed with our new Siemens iSensoric machine and now are looking into ways of reducing our carbon footprint even more by nature based detergents, drying balls and of course washing on the safest lowest temperature for a clean and hygienic wash. 

We have been provided with the washing machine in exchange for an honest and fair review. So far we have had excellent results and genuinely recommend this product. 


  1. Energy efficiency is really important to us too. This sounds like a great machine. Ours is on the blink and we will need a new machine soon so it's always great to read a few reviews so I can get an idea of what options are out there. Thanks. Angela from Daysinbed

  2. Wow sounds like a great washing machine. I like the look of it.

  3. This sounds great. We're after a new washing machine but I don't know where to start!

  4. This sounds great! We're after a new washing machine but I don't know where to start!

  5. I do so much washing with a family of five who love the outdoors! We bought a new washing machine last year but it's not really cutting it and it's pretty ugly! I think I may be upgrading, I love the touch screen and the look of this one.

  6. Looks like a great washing machine. Being energy efficient is super important. I know where I'll be looking when I need my next washing machine. Great review x

  7. This sounds like a great washing me and very ecological which is fab x

  8. I find myself looking at the energy efficiency more and more lately. This looks like a good machine x

  9. This machine sounds fabulous. How amazing that your can reduce your carbon footprint with this and it sounds like it's excellent at washing too. I think I NEED the Siemens Isensoric in my like, like now!


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